Osmose Holdings, Inc. realizes six figure savings with FlexNet Manager Platform

Customer Profile:

Osmose Holdings is a leading provider of services to utility & railroad industries.


Replace cumbersome spreadsheet-based system. Provide data to negotiate license agreements/renewals. Manage complex license types


Osmose Holdings realizes six figure savings with Flexera Software. Automated software asset management solution reduces on-going software costs and has operational benefits.

Corporate Profile

Osmose Holdings, a leader in the research and development of wood preservation chemistry and technology, is a privately owned company headquartered in Buffalo, New York. Osmose also offers utility and railroad infrastructure maintenance and repair services in the United States and Canada. Osmose’s network of customers and suppliers spans North America and around the globe in over 70 countries.

“Within weeks of deployment, FlexNet Manager Platform provided the information necessary to reduce our enterprise agreement license count by 125 licenses. Our return on investment took approximately seven months and over the next three years we are expecting six-figure savings.”

David Meacham, IT Disaster Recovery and Operations Support Coordinator, Osmose Holdings

The Challenge

Osmose relies on Microsoft Office applications and Windows® Server operating systems to support their business. They are covered by Enterprise Agreement (EA) licenses for the majority of their software. Osmose uses approximately one hundred and fifty different software applications, including Microsoft® titles. With more than 1,000 desktops and servers on their computer network, their manual, spreadsheet-based system of asset management became extremely cumbersome. Tracking and managing these assets using spreadsheets, helpdesk records, and install/un-install data was no longer viable. A single Microsoft® license “true-up” alone consumed several personmonths of IT department time—a costly and distracting exercise. They needed an automated software asset management solution that would help them optimize their license agreements and reduce costs.

The Flexera Software Solution

Osmose selected FlexNet Manager Platform for asset management and license compliance. FlexNet Manager Platform stood out amongst the competition with capabilities including support for complex license types, virtualization, and contract management. Complex licenses, such as Microsoft® Developers Network (MSDN®), were proving to be one of the most difficult to manage. Before Flexera Software, Osmose could not accurately associate applications in their enterprise with the complex MSDN licenses or Microsoft’s standard licenses.

Using FlexNet Manager Platform, Osmose reconciled what applications were installed with their purchases to ensure license compliance. Through the software inventory and application usage reports, Osmose has been able to reallocate software licenses throughout the company. In one instance, re-harvesting Adobe® licenses saved several thousand dollars in new purchases. FlexNet Manager Platform also served as a valuable tool during Osmose’s renewal of their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA). The FlexNet Manager Platform engine collected data from software inventory, application usage, procurement, and, using the Flexera Software Application Recognition Library, determined what Osmose owned compared to what was installed and actually being used. Understanding what licenses they really needed to satisfy active users enabled Osmose to renegotiate and reduce costs during their EA maintenance renewal.

The FlexNet Manager Platform software has also created operational benefits for Osmose. FlexNet Manager Platform was integrated with Osmose’s help desk tool and enabled the generation of precise hardware and software profiles for both desktop computers and servers. These profiles allowed the Osmose IT professionals to make better problem assessments and deliver accurate solutions to their user community. Business unit management has also benefited through FlexNet Manager Platform exposing the information necessary to determine which computers will need to be replaced and when, enabling detailed and proactive budgeting.

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