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Standardizing on application migration and management best practices across worldwide locations: an AdminStudio and Workflow Manager case study

“The client now has trained personnel who follow standards and best practices, and the solution has enabled the client to provide reliable applications to thousands of end users.”

Business Challenge

A leading global investment banking firm needed to revise its migration practice on multiple tiers, including redefining best practices, performing a gap analysis of migration processes, training the global migration team in the art of application migration and state of the art tools, and setting up software factories to provide migration services in a worldwide capacity.

This installation migration effort was part of an overall strategy of revising the entire application migration infrastructure.

  • The client had five major locations worldwide, plus several smaller offices, and had an extremely demanding migration schedule.
  • The client had not been enforcing consistent corporate standards for application deployment. An efficient method for installation architecture and application deployment was needed to facilitate the successful application migration rollout across the infrastructure. Ideally, proven technology and execution expertise should be provided by one vendor.
  • The client needed to update and streamline its current de-centralized and nonstandardized application packaging processes into one migration architecture for global application migration rollout.
  • The new packaging process should be based on industry best practices to guarantee efficient and trouble-free application maintenance in the future.
  • The client needed a partner that would augment internal resources with a variable workforce.

The Flexera Software Solution

The client was provided with a tailored five-step solution to take them completely through the migration process, from training and establishing best practices through the development and set up of packaging centers.

  • Customized Technology Training - The client attended a five-day baseline training class to provide them with a hands-on environment where the training attendees gained the skills to repackage traditional legacy setups into the MSI format and rapidly customize them using AdminStudio. In addition, they attended a four-day customized AdminStudio course, tailored to suit their needs and delivered around the globe in the client’s key repackaging locations.
  • Migration Best Practices Workshop - Following the customized training session, the client attended a Migration Best Practice Workshop to redefine their best practices. The workshop included a detailed review of the client’s current migration process and facilitated the redefinition of the client’s practices. In addition, the workshop covered a migration program roadmap overview with an end-to-end discussion from Needs Assessment through Deployment. The workshop taught proven best practices for every step in the migration process and identified roles and responsibilities for all individuals involved.
  • Gap Analysis - The client received further analysis between the results of the Migration Best Practices Workshop and the client’s current packaging methodology. The results of this analysis elicited the necessary information to accurately identify the client’s global migration best practices. This information was detailed in a comprehensive document identifying the following:
    • Current processes and differences between the ‘old and the new’
    • Potential areas of concern and recommended resolutions
    • Recommendations for customized course development to facilitate personnel training
    • Streamlined best practices for definition of the client’s global migration architecture.
  • Development and Set Up of Client Repackaging Centers - The setup of a center for application migration can be problematic. The client was provided expertise in this area to help them avoid common migration lab pitfalls, which can be the difference between fast and efficient application migration and migrated applications fraught with problems. They received invaluable assistance with not only the hardware, but required software tools, configuration of AdminStudio with recommended templates, personnel and the required skill sets to manage and operate the center effectively. With information gathered in the previous steps, the client was given a plan for the definition and development of “software factories.” They were assisted with the set up of the first center as well as centers at additional client locations.
  • Standard Workflow Manager Setup and Configuration - In order to provide the advanced repackaging functionality of Workflow Manager, a specialist visited the client’s main location to set up and configure the Workflow Manager tool per the client’s requirements. Workflow Manager is a Web-based application that manages the application packaging lifecycle that incorporates standards (data) and methodologies (process). Workflow Manager enables:
    • The orderly submission of applications into the packaging process
    • Monitoring of progress through the packaging lifecycle
    • Real-time status reporting
    • Enforcement of packaging standards
    • Centralized repository of critical package meta-data
    • Audit trail of critical customer (internal or external) and packager (internal or external) communications.

Business Benefits

The client has standardized on AdminStudio and has been running successful software factories at four key worldwide locations for several months. The cumulative effect of the above benefits has dramatically lowered Total Cost of Ownership of the client’s desktop enterprise. The client now has trained personnel who follow standards and best practices, and the solution has enabled the client to provide reliable applications to thousands of end users. The client plans to continue utilizing AdminStudio and the best practices it received for all migration needs.

Next Steps

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