Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company Achieves $36M in Software Savings


A global consumer packaged goods company with over 100K employees and operations in approximately 75 countries was constantly faced with software vendor audits that resulted in out of compliance positions and large, unbudgeted spends in the tens of millions of dollars annually. Software across the organization was also being purchased outside of the corporate software agreements, which meant missing out on the benefit of corporate purchase volumes with vendors. The company had no Software Asset Management solution or expertise in place to drive compliance across their complex software estate, so they turned to Flexera Software to implement a solution on a global scale to ensure a cohesive Software Asset Management practice and program that would drive software compliance and maintain an ongoing optimized license position.


The company uses Flexera Software’s license optimization solutions to proactively manage their SAP, Oracle, and desktop software estates. Today, the CPG company is leveraging a managed service from Flexera Software’s Global Consulting Services organization that includes software solutions and consulting services to help ensure they remain in compliance with complex software vendor agreements, purchase only the software licenses required to run their business, and correctly assign the most relevant license type to their users. Additionally, the company has a process in place to free up unnecessary license spend so it can be reassigned to critical project spend. They have also maintained the ability to be prepared for software vendor audits and true up negotiations throughout the year.


In the first 18 months of using Flexera Software solutions and consulting services, the company saved over $31,000,000 by proactively managing these key software license assets. They have kept in compliance and avoided any audits whatsoever from Oracle and SAP who accept the Flexera Software solution and service information as the given position and usage across the global organization with confidence. This results in tremendous labor and expense avoidance by not having to prepare for audits or true-ups. The company continues to recognize direct fiscal benefits on a quarterly basis via the assistance of Flexera Software Global Consulting Services as they drive towards an optimal software estate position. Going forward, Flexera Software Global Consulting Services will be assisting with the implementation of Flexera Software App Portal, an employee app store. This will help employees get what they need for their jobs, while driving compliance immediately from the initial point of software request