Application Virtualization Tangible Benefits Calculator

Calculate the return on investment of implementing an Application Readiness solution for virtualization

Enterprises, governments and educational institutions can use our Application Virtualization ROI calculator to calculate the return on investment of implementing  an application readiness for virtualization solution from Flexera Software.

Application Readiness ROI Calculator: Application Virtualization

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Number of virtual application candidates
Hours to assess application for virtualization (per application) *
Percentage of applications that are good candidates for virtualization %
Hours to convert and customize applications today (per application)
Fully loaded hourly rate for application engineers /hour
Number of applications to convert
FTE Requirements and Costs
  Current Process Automated
Total hours: Assess applications for virtualization 100 hours
Total hours: Convert and customize applications 225 hours
Total cost: Assess applications for virtualization $ 7,500
Total cost: Convert and customize applications $ 16,875
Total cost: Assess, convert and customize applications
Return on Investment
Total labor savings $ 22,575
Application readiness license costs $
Total return on investment
$ 22,575