FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises Datasheet

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Optimize license types and license consumption to reduce software costs
  • Maintain continuous software license compliance to minimize audit risk
  • Proactively manage contracts to reduce ongoing software costs
  • Track and manage application usage to optimize renewals and reduce denials of service
  • Automate license management to reduce manual efforts and improve operational efficiency

Software License Optimization = Software Savings & Compliance

Software is one of the major items on IT expense budgets. Industry analysts estimate that software license and maintenance fees represent 20 to 35% of total enterprise IT spend. Not only are desktop and server applications from major vendors—Microsoft® , IBM® , Oracle® , SAP® , Symantec™ and Adobe® —strategic to businesses, they also represent the vast majority of an enterprise’s software spend. For technology companies, engineering applications from vendors such as Autodesk, Cadence Design Systems and The Mathworks, to name only a few, are critical assets that drive productivity and time to market.

The approach for managing this software asset portfolio is typically immature, local rather than global, and frequently involves spreadsheets or other ad-hoc methods. The lack of mature software asset management processes exposes enterprises to software audit liabilities and overspending on licenses and maintenance. What is needed is an Software License Optimization solution that allows organizations to control costs and reduce risks associated with software assets. FlexNet® Manager Suite for Enterprises provides a comprehensive set of products that enable organizations to manage software applications and optimize licenses for pervasive desktop and server software. Organizations are also able to maintain software license compliance and automate critical processes to improve IT operational efficiency.

The Flexera Software solution allows organizations to realize ongoing cost savings of up to 30% per year on their software spend.

Software License Optimization Maturity Levels

Software license optimization maturity starts at Level 1 (see figure below), where organizations understand what hardware and software assets they have installed in their environment, but probably are not performing license reconciliation against purchases. Organizations at Level 2 lack SAM processes and tools for continuous management of their assets and are generally in a reactive mode. They may be able to manually reconcile purchases against installations to determine their license position for certain vendors. This is a time consuming process, which means that they are generally not going to be continuously compliant– hence it is “point-in-time” management that will revolve around software audits, annual true-ups and contract renewals. Traditional Software Asset Management (SAM) tools are focused on identifying the software and hardware installed in an estate and may import purchase order records. But traditional SAM tools don’t typically supply the SKU library necessary or automatically tying inventory records to purchases, or provide inventory support across Windows, Linux, UNIX, and virtual machines.

Levels 3 and 4 require a big step-up in tool capabilities, as well as implementation of best practice processes. FlexNet Manager Platform, the foundation of the Suite, utilizes its SKU Library of more than 1,442,732 software part numbers, to automate purchased versus installed license reconciliation and help organizations achieve continuous license compliance (Level 3). To minimize license consumption and reduce software spend requires deep vendor domain knowledge. Software vendors have different license models, entitlements, and contracts that are used to determine the number of licenses required. FlexNet Manager Suite products have a Product Use Rights Library that contains license entitlements for key vendors, including Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and IBM, to minimize license consumption and allow organizations to achieve the Optimized level of maturity—Level 4, with a highly automated solution.

FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises is unique in providing a Level 1-4 solution for more than 16,752 software vendors’ products and automated Level 4 solutions for key, highvalue vendors including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM and Symantec. FlexNet Manager Suite products enable organizations to move rapidly up the curve from the lowest levels of license management maturity to the highest through automation and optimization.

FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises Components

The FlexNet Manager Suite consists of the following products:

  • FlexNet Manager® Platform
  • FlexNet Manager® for Microsoft®
  • FlexNet Manager® for Oracle®
  • FlexNet Manager® for Symantec™
  • FlexNet Manager® for IBM®
  • FlexNet Manager® for SAP® Applications
  • FlexNet Manager® for VMware®
  • FlexNet Manager® for Engineering Applications

Components of the FlexNet Manager Suite are built on FlexNet Manager Platform which provides core hardware and software asset management functionality to identify and manage hardware assets and applications installed on physical and virtual machines.

FlexNet Manager Platform

FlexNet Manager Platform provides hardware and software asset management and contract management for enterprises across more than 16,752 publishers and 229,623 applications from desktop to datacenter. Platform reports provide actionable insight into hardware assets, software installations, application usage, license compliance status, upcoming payments, and purchased versus installed license reconciliation.

Platform Discovery & Inventory

FlexNet Manager Platform provides both agent-based and agentless technology to collect physical (Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC OS platforms), virtual machine (VM), and hardware partition inventory of hardware and software across the IT estate. Application usage data may also be collected. The Platform now supports the ISO 19770-2 software tagging standard; the Windows agent collects software tags on each device, if available. These tags are used to identify software installations. The Platform provides specialized discovery and inventory capabilities not found in any other tool, including— discovery and inventory of:

  • Oracle databases. Flexera Software’s Oracle solution has been verified by Oracle License Management Services (LMS), which determined that it provides ‘detailed and accurate’ reports on Oracle database installations and usage. FlexNet Manager Platform reports will be accepted by Oracle LMS during a software audit,
  • Microsoft SQL Server, including version and edition data, and
  • Virtual environments, including support for virtual server clusters for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Extensive Integration to Existing IT Systems

FlexNet Manager Platform integrates with many other IT systems to leverage your investment and collect the data necessary for software asset management and license optimization. This includes out-of-the-box connectivity to Microsoft SCCM/SCCM 2012, as well as adapters for other third party inventory and configuration management tools. It also provides connectivity to HR, Active Directory, procurement, ERP and other systems for user, computer, purchasing, contract and organizational data.

Automated Purchase Order Processing

Purchase order processing is now fully automated. Purchase orders (‘POs’) can be used generate new license records or update existing licenses, without any operator interaction. The Platform uses the SKU library or relationships between existing licenses and POs in the asset management repository to capture the new license entitlement and automatically link those entitlements to software inventory. This feature delivers a management by exception capability, where only “special case” POs require manual intervention. All operations performed on POs can also be rolled back.

Predictive ‘What If’ Analysis

The FlexNet Manager Platform provides industry-first ‘What If’ Analysis capabilities that allow organizations to see the impact of hardware and software changes on their license position, before the changes are actually made. A simulation capability has been added to the Platform—for Oracle Processor, IBM PVU (in conjunction with FlexNet Manager for IBM), and Microsoft Server Processor (in conjunction with FlexNet Manager for Microsoft) licenses, as well as the general purpose Processor Points and Core Points licenses. Actions such as modifying hardware properties, moving a virtual machine across hosts or installation of a new software title can be simulated, providing an estimated license position that reflects these changes. This enables organizations to proactively maintain license compliance, reducing cost and license liability risk in today’s dynamic IT environments.

Business Intelligence for Software Asset Management

The Platform now incorporates IBM Cognos technology to provide new business intelligence and reporting capabilities, including multidimensional analysis, making it easy to ‘slice and dice’ complex data, track key indicators over time for trend analysis, and create custom reports. These capabilities are available via the Business Reporting Dashboard giving enterprises a centralized view to report on and analyze software license optimization data and better forecast future needs.

FlexNet Manager Platform Summary

FlexNet Manger Platform provides extensive reporting capabilities via an executive dashboard that allows users to identify and evaluate areas of license compliance concern and make informed decisions that reduce license and maintenance costs for software from thousands of publishers, while minimizing license compliance risk.

FlexNet Manager Platform is the foundation for other products in the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. Other components of the Suite provide automated license optimization for high value vendors, on top of the Platform, to deliver the maximum return on your software investment in the shortest time.

Our annual true-up with one of our key software vendors in 2011 was the proof point for our revamped ITAM program and investment in FlexNet Manager Suite. The zero dollar true-up cost, in sharp contrast to the millions of dollars paid each year previously, erased all doubts about the program and showed how powerful it is to have accurate asset information at your fingertips.

Luis Peluffo Johansen, Global Head of IT Purchases & Assets, A.P. Moller-Maersk

FlexNet Manager for Microsoft / Adobe / Symantec / IBM

FlexNet Manager for Microsoft, FlexNet Manager for Adobe, FlexNet Manager for Symantec, and FlexNet Manager for IBM are next generation software asset management and license optimization solutions that analyze inventory, application usage, purchase order data, license entitlements, and contract terms to optimize license consumption. By optimizing software license management for these key vendors, these FlexNet Manager Suite products enable organizations to save on license purchases, audits, renewals, and true-ups.

To enable true enterprise-wide software license optimization for Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and IBM products, these FlexNet Manager Suite products include a Product Use Rights Library that enables them to determine an optimized license position. The Product Use Rights Library contains the license entitlements provided by Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and IBM purchase agreements, such as Enterprise Agreements (EA), Select Plus Agreements, Software Assurance (SA) and Adobe Cumulative License Program (CLP). These rights include: upgrade, downgrade, right of second use, multiple versions and virtual environment use rights. Use rights can dramatically affect the number of licenses consumed by an organization, and therefore must be taken into account to minimize costs and ensure license compliance.

FlexNet Manager Suite products enable organizations to implement multiple license and contract optimization strategies including: application of product use rights to minimize license consumption, smart allocation of licenses to devices and users, reharvesting of under-used licenses, maintenance cost reductions based on application usage, and consolidation of vendors and applications. The ‘What If’ analysis capability for datacenter server licenses, including IBM PVU, Microsoft Server Processor and Core licenses, enables organizations to simulate changes to their IT environment and see the impact on their IBM and Microsoft license positions.

FlexNet Manager for IBM is able to calculate PVU license consumption in sub-capacity (i.e. virtual) environments. This calculation is independent of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) provided by IBM. A report is provided that shows a side-by-side comparison of the calculation results from FlexNet Manager for IBM and ILMT.

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications tracks and reports on actual concurrent license usage. These usage reports provide a complete understanding of concurrent licensing needs, so organizations can optimize software licensing and save as much as 30% on software costs. The product also simplifies license server administration, reduces denials of service and enables organizations to accurately forecast future needs across a wide range of applications.

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications is a comprehensive concurrent license (also known as floating or network licenses) management solution that:

  • Centrally monitors and reports on concurrent license usage; automated import of LDAP user and organizational data allows more efficient organizational structure based reporting.
  • Tracks and reports on Tiered and Token based license models, such as those used by Autodesk (Multiflex Tiered Licenses) and Cadence Design Systems (Token Based Licenses)
  • Helps organizations efficiently perform license server administration (start, stop, restart license servers, etc.) in real time
  • Identifies under-utilized licenses and provides the insight to remix or reallocate them to other locations or projects
  • Reduces license denials while also reducing ongoing software costs
  • Enables effective chargeback processes within your organization
  • Reports on Borrowed license usage as compared to overall license usage
  • Manages multiple licensing technologies including:
    • FlexNet (FlexEnabled, FlexLM) software
    • LUM-enabled software (CATIA, ENOVIA Smarteam)
    • Sentinel, Reprise, and others

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications also includes the Software Investment Planner to analyze software usage and denial trends in relation to license terms, costs and organizational parameters, such as geographies, cost centers, projects, and users. Unlike any other tool on the market, it recommends purchase quantities based upon past usage trends and other customizable factors.

Specializing in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Exploration & Production (E&P) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications, FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications constantly tracks activity and records all usage data in a centralized database. It tracks and manages FlexEnabled® (formerly FlexLM) licenses for over 20,000 applications from engineering software vendors that have embedded the FlexNet licensing technology.

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications

In many enterprises, SAP® Business Suite applications are the most highly valued and widely used in the company. Without precise management of software license usage, organizations risk duplicate users, unused licenses or misclassified users – potentially increasing the cost of their SAP investment.

With Flexera Software’s FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications, organizations centrally monitor and analyze their SAP license usage to help ensure accurate licensing and usage-based spending on an ongoing basis. This license optimization solution provides detailed insight into employee SAP use and automatically recommends the optimal user based license classification (Developer, Professional, Limited Professional, etc.) for each user.

Until now, enterprises have had a limited view into SAP usage, forcing them to perform many manual, error-prone steps or make guesses about license needs. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications not only helps uncover who uses licenses and to what extent, but also helps organizations more accurately assign license types in compliance with the SAP contract. As a result, enterprises can budget correctly for renewals and potentially reduce on-going software license costs. Certified by SAP, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications also helps enterprises chargeback software expenses internally based on actual use and more easily monitor and demonstrate license compliance.

Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager helps enterprises efficiently administer their IT asset management processes and improve performance, control and accountability through standardization. It reduces costs and maximizes the productivity of IT teams by centralizing, automating and enforcing best practice processes and procedures tied to asset and contract lifecycles. It also provides a means for the IT department to interact with end users and improve service levels, which results in increased end user satisfaction. Process traceability, prioritization, control, and optimization allow Workflow Manager to improve license compliance across the software estate.

Workflow Manager is integrated with FlexNet Manager Platform to allow real-time updates to the asset management repository. Workflow Manager also supports the Flexera Software AdminStudio Suite product to help automate and streamline software packaging and compatibility testing processes for migrations to Windows 7 and application virtualization projects.

Complete Desktop-to-Datacenter Software License Optimization Solution

Today’s business imperative is to transition from counting what you have installed, to controlling, using and optimizing the software licenses you own while ensuring that you only buy what you need. FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises is the only Software License Optimization solution that optimizes license and contract management processes to reduce software license, maintenance and audit costs, while maintaining license compliance.

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