AdminStudio Suite Datasheet

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Improved IT Responsiveness —
    Streamline service delivery and respond quickly to new request.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency —
    Reduce the time and effort involved in packaging applications and manage one process for planning and delivery of physical, virtual, and mobile applications.
  • Predictable Application Delivery —
    Ensure supportability of your software portfolio and maintain applications in a state of readiness for deployment into increasingly complex environments.
  • Computing Platform Agnostic —
    Eliminate labor-intensive data gathering and allocate resources more efficiently across all platforms used to deliver applications, whether physical, virtual, or mobile.
  • Adaptive and Scalable to Changes in Business Priority —
    Automate IT service delivery and planning for every day application requests and migration projects.

AdminStudio Suite powers an enterprise’s daily Application Readiness process for inventory, rationalization, packaging, and compatibility testing of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and predictable deployment into increasingly complex computing environments. Automation, integration with leading software distribution tools, and workflow capabilities streamline day-to-day application packaging operations and reduce the time and cost of application virtualization, mobile application management, and Windows® upgrades.

Increasingly Complex Computing Environments

In today’s digital business, it is important to keep applications ready to deploy when end users need them and on the devices they choose. But the increasing complexity of enterprise environments is posing a challenge for organizations that are looking to improve service delivery and consumerize IT services. The heterogeneity of computing devices, more frequent software releases, and ongoing transition of the computing infrastructure from physical to virtual and mobile, complicate things further. Manual procedures for rationalizing, testing, converting, managing, or distributing enterprise software are no longer viable.

Unified Application Readiness

The Application Readiness processes allows you to shift from reactive to proactive application management. The result is it’s ability to define, track and deliver the speed and quality of service delivery the enterprise expects. The Flexera Software solution is a source of significant benefits for many groups within the enterprise and for the business as a whole.

  • IT leaders can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of major service transitions and increase the ability to adapt and scale in response to changes in technology and business needs.
  • IT operations managers can increase predictability, in terms of outputs and measurements, to accurately scope and budget for transitions so there are no surprises.
  • IT service delivery managers can exceed SLAs and deliver applications to the business faster and more reliably.
  • Employees, customers, and partners get faster and more reliable access to the latest technology, without outages or interruptions in service.

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