FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure Datasheet


  • Reduce expenditures on cloud services
  • Enable efficient use of cloud infrastructure
  • Understand usage trends for better budgeting and forecasting
  • Make more effective deployment decisions
  • Inhibit shadow IT and cloud sprawl

The cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) industry is growing fast – over 15% per year according to IDC1. And it is easy to understand why. Cloud infrastructure services add terrific benefits to an organization. They are easy to purchase. They give you immediate access to computing power, storage, and database services without the need or overhead of setting up or adding to a datacenter. And, they can mean a faster time to value when delivering IT services.

In many cases, infrastructure services such as those provided by Amazon Web Services can be acquired at lower cost than a company can achieve if it builds them in-house. But the adoption of cloud services does not come without new business challenges. The ease of purchase and lower initial cost can easily result in:

  • Lack of visibility into total spend on cloud infrastructure services across multiple departments and business units
  • The growth of “shadow IT” and cloud sprawl which can lead to spiraling costs
  • Poor insight into cloud operational data
  • Difficulty in the ability to chargeback for cloud expenditures

And the ease of purchase and ability to quickly leverage cloud compute power does not lessen the need to manage the cloud infrastructure in your enterprise. Without effective tools and processes, you risk overspending on cloud instances and paying for infrastructure that you may not be using.

FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure

FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure provides enterprises with comprehensive, accurate and actionable insight into cloud infrastructure usage to optimize use and spend on these services.

Built on proven Flexera Software license management technology, it automates the collection and aggregation of cloud usage data and billing information to produce a complete view of cloud service consumption throughout the enterprise.

Provide a 360 Degree View of Cloud Usage and Spend

FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure provides the means to see, at a glance, a complete view of your cloud operations using role based dashboards.

The Financial Dashboard (Figure 1) shows which business units are spending the most money, how much unused or underutilized cloud instances are costing you, spending patterns and trends, and spending by service type.

The Operational Dashboard (Figure 2) shows utilization patterns by instance type, which instances are underutilized, when your AWS EC2 reservations are expiring, and usage trends.

Combined, these dashboards provide unprecedented visibility into cloud infrastructure usage and spend, and enable you to perform more detailed analysis for fact-based decision making.

This is an excerpt. Download the entire pdf: FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure Datasheet