AppBroker Software for ServiceNow

Automate Software Governance and Delivery

Companies are investing time and money into the development of a single entry-point for all request types within the organization, but the increasing complexity of today’s enterprise environments can make this a challenge. Flexera Software introduces a solution that snaps-in to your ServiceNow environment and provides a definitive list of software services, enables software license governance and on-going optimization, and accelerates the fulfillment of software requests to any device.

Software license agreements and license models are highly complex. It’s difficult for customers to control costs and derive maximum business value from software while trying to maintain compliance with licensing terms.

Enterprises are frequently out of license compliance for some vendors and applications, and over-subscribed for others. By verifying license requirements and availability at the time employees request applications, governance can be automated and IT can ensure that no software is installed without a license.

AppBroker™ Software for ServiceNow® addresses the business’s need to use ServiceNow as the IT system of record while controlling the distribution of approved and authorized applications and the user’s expectations of a consumer-driven experience for accessing IT services in the workplace.

Solution Highlights

Populate the ServiceNow Service Catalog:

  • Maintain an authorized list of available software services
  • Enable a single service portal for all requests

Automate license governance and optimization:

  • Perform an advanced license check at time of request
  • Evaluate product use rights
  • Reserve available licenses
  • Harvest unused software through automated reclamation

Automate Software Deployment:

  • Monitor installation and initiate proactive support
  • Provision cloud apps, like Office 365, Box, and Salesforce
  • Deploy PC, Mac, and mobile apps with built-in integration
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
    • Symantec Client Management Suite
    • VMware AirWatch
    • Casper Suite

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