Corporate Software Inspector: Features

Software Vulnerability Assessment and Security Patch Management


Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Integration

Corporate Software Inspector integrates seamlessly with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). You can manage all your security updates - including the non-Microsoft ones – and patch directly from your SCCM console using the System Center Plugin (add on).

Extensive Program Coverage

Corporate Software Inspector covers programs and plug-ins from thousands of vendors – more third-party programs than anyone else – including practically every program that runs on Microsoft operating systems.

Smart Groups

Easily filter and segment your data to prioritize what is important for you based on products, devices or Secunia Advisories. Create and schedule on-demand reports based on these Smart Group filters. Receive email notifications and SMS alerts to be immediately notified when an event occurs that is relevant to you.

Authenticated Scanning

Corporate Software Inspector authenticated scanning process tracks the progress of scans so you get up to date results of unparalleled accuracy.

Corporate Software Inspector Package System (SPS)

Corporate Software Inspector’s Package System offers enhanced integration with Microsoft Windows Server Update Services, which increases your scope and flexibility for patching and configuring hosts.

Scans Windows, MacOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Ensure IT Operations and Security Analysts can assess and prioritize risk by discovering where unpatched, vulnerable software exists across the organization’s desktops and servers running Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Live Update

Get an immediate overview of how a new vulnerability affects your infrastructure based on your latest scan results as soon as the advisory has been released by Secunia Research – no more waiting for the next scanning to take place.

User Management

Create user accounts with different roles and permissions, thereby allowing these users to only access the data (for example based on an IP range or your Active Directory) and modules (for example Scanning, Reporting and Patching) that are relevant for them.

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