FlexNet Manager for Symantec: Resources

Automated License Management and License Optimization for Symantec Software


Maximizing Value in Software and Cloud Services Procurement

White Paper

Learn how Software License Optimization empowers IT Procurement, sourcing, and vendor management.

The Foundation of a Successful ITAM Program - In 5 Not So Easy Steps

White Paper

Read the white paper to learn about the 5 key steps to building a solid ITAM foundation within your organization.

The Need for Visibility and Control of Software Assets

White Paper

Read this white paper to learn from KPMG and Flexera Software about why companies are overspending on software licensing, how software license optimization can lead to big savings, and which best practices to use for implementing this solution.

Software License Optimization for the Datacenter

White Paper

Read the Software License Optimization for the Datacenter white paper to learn how FlexNet Manager Suite meets all of the requirements for optimized license management in the datacenter, so that you can achieve IT savings and compliance.

Meet the BYOD, 'Computing Anywhere' Challenge—License Management for Desktop Virtualization

White Paper

Learn how organizations can ensure license compliance and control software costs when implementing virtual desktops.

What Does it Take to Achieve Software License Optimization?

White Paper

Learn how organizations can achieve software license optimization success.

Maximize Software Cost Savings

White Paper

This white paper discusses the key strategies used to maximize savings on software licenses and maintenance. It covers license reharvesting, recycling and the application of product use rights to optimize license consumption.

Moving Up the Software License Optimization Maturity Curve to Drive Business Value

White Paper

Learn about the business value of software asset management (SAM) and license optimization at each level of maturity and why achieving the Optimized level brings the highest ROI.

Introducing Software License Optimization White Paper

White Paper

Learn from Forrester about a radical new license management approach that supersedes hardware-based asset management.

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