FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications: Features

Automated License Management and License Optimization for SAP Applications


Centralized Management

Centralized ManagementAutomatically collect SAP usage data from multiple systems to more easily optimize licenses and prepare for SAP true-ups. Administrators have typically had to measure license activity and make updates to user profiles manually on each of their organization's many SAP systems. This makes preparing for SAP true-ups an exhausting process. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications aggregates usage data and enables administrators to make updates to all satellite systems more frequently with a single change to master data, improving productivity and administrator satisfaction.

SAP Named User License Optimization Based on Detailed Usage Analysis

Uncover who actually uses SAP licenses and to what extent, and more cost-effectively re-classify users to assign optimal license types (Developer, Professional, Limited Professional, Employee, etc.). The boundaries between the various SAP license types are unclear and the user classification is usually left to the administrator. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications takes the confusion out of SAP license classification. By analyzing user behavior compared to the current license type assigned, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications helps organizations identify opportunities where lower cost license types may be more appropriate. The solution automatically recommends an optimal reclassification, based on real usage data and in accordance with your SAP contract. As a result, enterprises may identify the classification strategy that results in the most efficient licensing mix for their company, budget accurately for renewals, and avoid overpaying for expensive licenses they don't need.

Consolidated SAP License Optimization

The SAP optimized license position now brings together multiple optimization techniques including identification of inactive users, duplicate user detection and optimal license type assignments. This avoids having to run many separate reports.

Each time the SAP inventory is run and new user and usage (consumption) data is imported, the license position is re-calculated and the results stored. This provides users with immediate access to the latest licensing information, without having to run time-consuming reports.

License Optimization Taking License Ratios into Account

Some SAP contracts stipulate a minimum ratio of Professional to Limited Professional named user licenses. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications calculates both an optimal license position based on real usage data and also a contractual license position that takes into consideration SAP’s license ratio requirements.

Indirect Access License Optimization

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications helps organizations to discover instances of indirect access and to manage and optimize the license requirements for users of non-SAP systems in the following ways:

  • Identify accounts on non-SAP systems that have not logged in for an extended period and may be able to be retired (Idle Users)
  • Identify users who have accounts on both SAP systems and non-SAP systems, to avoid licensing these users multiple times (Duplicate Users across systems)
  • Determine the optimal SAP license type for each non-SAP user based on all available information including their system authorizations and usage history

Compliance Monitoring and Alerts

Improve compliance by continuously monitoring the number of licenses per contract versus those used and receive timely alerts as contract thresholds are met. With FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications, administrators can easily compare the number of license types used versus the number purchased to accurately forecast and budget future purchasing needs. This also helps procurement professionals negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength versus reactively scrambling to purchase more licenses after unexpected usage increases are discovered in an annual true-up.

Duplicate User Identification

Due to acquisitions, companies may not have uniform user IDs, so in many cases, several licenses are billed for one person. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications provides administrators an easy way to consolidate user information in order to identify and free up duplicate licenses.

Advanced Duplicate User Rules

Duplicate user rules can be authored in several ways. In their simplest form, one or more user fields are selected and FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications will find any user accounts that match on those fields but not on the standard user consolidation fields. Advanced duplicate user rules can also be created. The new duplicate user rules are executed when calculating the optimal license position. For ad-hoc detection of duplicate users, the existing Duplicate Search report is still available within the Admin module.

Calculation of Package/Engine License Consumption

FlexNet Manager for SAP® Applications runs package (aka engine) measurements independently of a system measurement, allowing it to collect package metrics at any time. Licensing rules define how these metrics are combined to determine a single license consumption figure for each SAP package.

SAP Package Product Use Rights Library

The FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications Product Use Rights Library encapsulates SAP package licensing rules and metrics for more than 200 SAP Package licenses. This allows the product to streamline the process of calculating SAP package license consumption, reducing true-up preparation time and easing SAP license management.

Web Based User Interface

The FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications user interface is web-based, which makes it highly accessible to users of all skill sets including business users, license managers and SAP administrators. Management of the SAP system landscape and configuration of license optimization rules (license types, user consolidation fields, duplicate user rules, license assignment rules) is performed using the FlexNet Manager Platform web portal.

Admin Console and Certified Integration with SAP

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications provides an administration console for SAP Basis Administrators to review and apply recommended changes to SAP records from within the SAP environment and using the SAP interface. This console also provides access to SAP package measurements and other licensing information that is otherwise inaccessible.

The SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications is powered by SAP NetWeaver. Solutions that are powered by SAP NetWeaver can be more quickly and easily integrated into SAP solution environments. Customers can benefit from improved interoperability with SAP applications and with the large ecosystem of solutions that run on SAP NetWeaver. The certification configuration meets the requirements for running FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications on the SAP NetWeaver platform. The product functionality is not certified by SAP.

Management Reporting & Chargeback

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications provides management summaries at the click of button. An intelligent overview lets organizations compare target and actual license usage, which supports strategic decision-making. Moreover, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications enables cost allocation (chargeback) by department, business unit, country, etc., based on the extent of their actual usage. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications provides the usage information necessary to allocate SAP costs back to the business unit based on what it actually uses versus simply dividing the costs by headcount. Not only is this method "more fair," but it also instills greater accountability and influences user behavior to drive more efficient usage.

Cognos Business Model Now Includes SAP Objects

FlexNet Manager Platform’s Cognos business reporting model has been extended to include a range of SAP licensing concepts such as SAP systems, user accounts, roles, users and much more. (Cognos is available only in the On-Premises delivery model).

Simulate 'What-If' Scenarios

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications enables organizations to predict the cost impact of adding users or changing user license classifications. The product allows "what-if" scenarios to be simulated, including best-case and worst-case scenarios. User defined rule sets can be used to drive the simulations and can be saved for future use.


Within the FlexNet Manager Platform web portal, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications access rights for each user can be configured, including which sections of the user interface can be accessed, and whether access is read-only, allows edits or administration (full access). Operators can be restricted to only see data from specific SAP systems. All reports, simulations, license recommendations, etc. are filtered to only show data from the permitted systems. License rule sets can also be restricted to specific operators.

IDM Compatibility

The product supports SAP environments where IDM (Identity Management) is being used to manage SAP user identities. It updates user identity records in IDM instead of updating end systems directly, ensuring that IDM does not overwrite these changes at a later time.

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