FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications

Automated License Management and License Optimization for SAP Applications

Gain Control of Your SAP License Types to Optimize Costs and Maintain Compliance

FlexNet Manager for SAP® Applications is a scalable SAP license compliance and Software License Optimization solution that is built on the FlexNet Manager Platform. It optimizes SAP named user licenses by detecting idle users, identifying duplicate users, and assigning the optimal license type for each user based on an analysis of real usage data.

SAP applications are among the most highly valued and widely used in many organizations and optimized SAP license management is critical. Without precise knowledge of how SAP systems are licensed and being used, organizations risk costly and unplanned expenses after submitting the required License Administration Workbench (LAW) report to SAP. FlexNet Manager for SAP® Applications delivers the most comprehensive and accurate insights into SAP named user and package licensing, ensuring optimal SAP licensing, and controlling ongoing costs for SAP software. Additionally, the product dramatically reduces the amount of manual effort and time required to manage SAP software licenses.

Leverages FlexNet Manager Platform to Provide Visibility and Control

  • Provides scalable hardware and software asset management across more than 16,000 publishers and 223,476 applications, providing insight into installed software and application usage
  • Provides connectivity to HR, Active Directory, procurement, ERP and other systems for user, computer, purchasing and organizational data
  • Leverages the extensive contract management, business intelligence, and advanced reporting capabilities of the Platform for SAP license management

SAP Software License Optimization Reduces On-going Software Costs

  • Recommends the optimal license classification (Developer, Professional, Limited Professional, Employee Self Service, etc.) for each SAP user based on real usage data
    • More accurately assign user license types in accordance with your SAP contract
    • Avoid buying too many high cost license types when lower cost licenses will meet user needs
    • Adhere to contract terms that specify a minimum ratio of Professional to Limited Professional User Licenses
  • Detects inactive users that should be retired, returning those licenses to the available license pool
  • Accurately identifies and consolidates duplicate users
  • Enables accurate charge back of software expenses internally based on actual use

In the example shown below, we see that the number of high cost license types, such as Professional User and Limited Professional User are significantly lower in the optimized state, while the least expensive license types, such as Time Card Users (CAT) are higher.

Ensure Compliance with Your SAP Contract to Minimize Audit Risk and Avoid Unbudgeted True-up Expenses

  • Offers a flexible framework that allows you to construct appropriate license rules for your organization in accordance with your SAP contract
  • Uses common techniques to differentiate the SAP license classifications, such as Professional and Limited Professional users:
    • Role memberships
    • Usage—this often identifies the percentage of “operational” activity versus “self-service” activity for a given user
  • Automates the process of collecting and analyzing all of the usage data to determine an optimal license type for each user
  • Manages and optimizes indirect access to SAP systems

Package License Support Eases SAP License Management

  • Runs package (aka engine) measurements independently of a system measurement, allowing collection of package metrics at any time
  • Uses licensing rules to define how metrics are combined to determine a single license consumption figure for each SAP package
  • SAP package licensing rules and metrics are encapsulated in the FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications Product Use Rights Library to streamline the process of calculating SAP package license consumption, reducing true-up preparation time

Simulate 'What If' Scenarios to Proactively Manage Your SAP Estate

  • Simulates "What If" scenarios, including best-case and worst-case
  • Uses user defined rule sets to drive the simulations
  • Predicts the cost impact of adding users or changing user license classifications

SAP Software Administration Console Provides a Single Point of Control

  • Allows SAP administrators to review and commit recommended changes to their SAP systems using a familiar SAP interface
  • Offers a single point of control for administration functions across all SAP systems, such as running system measurements and activity checks

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications allows organizations to more effectively "use what they have and only buy what they need." Learn more about the other products in the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises.

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Centralized Management

Centralized ManagementAutomatically collect SAP usage data from multiple systems to more easily optimize licenses and prepare for SAP true-ups. Administrators have typically had to measure license activity and make updates to user profiles manually on each of their organization's many SAP systems. This makes preparing for SAP true-ups an exhausting process. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications aggregates usage data and enables administrators to make updates to all satellite systems more frequently with a single change to master data, improving productivity and administrator satisfaction.

SAP Named User License Optimization Based on Detailed Usage Analysis

Uncover who actually uses SAP licenses and to what extent, and more cost-effectively re-classify users to assign optimal license types (Developer, Professional, Limited Professional, Employee, etc.). The boundaries between the various SAP license types are unclear and the user classification is usually left to the administrator. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications takes the confusion out of SAP license classification. By analyzing user behavior compared to the current license type assigned, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications helps organizations identify opportunities where lower cost license types may be more appropriate. The solution automatically recommends an optimal reclassification, based on real usage data and in accordance with your SAP contract. As a result, enterprises may identify the classification strategy that results in the most efficient licensing mix for their company, budget accurately for renewals, and avoid overpaying for expensive licenses they don't need.

Consolidated SAP License Optimization

The SAP optimized license position now brings together multiple optimization techniques including identification of inactive users, duplicate user detection and optimal license type assignments. This avoids having to run many separate reports.

Each time the SAP inventory is run and new user and usage (consumption) data is imported, the license position is re-calculated and the results stored. This provides users with immediate access to the latest licensing information, without having to run time-consuming reports.

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