FlexNet Manager for Oracle: Features

Automated License Management and License Optimization for Oracle Software


Product Use Rights Library

FlexNet Manager for Oracle includes a Product Use Rights Library for Oracle that enables it to determine an accurate license position and optimize license consumption. Product Use Rights vary depending on the type of software license agreement used to buy the software.

These rights include:

  • Upgrade—the right to use the latest version of the software as soon as it becomes available.
  • Downgrade—the right to use an older version of the software than the version purchased.
  • Virtual environment use rights—the rights associated with running the software on a virtual machine or hard partition. Oracle Database software allows sub-capacity licensing in hard partitioning environments such as Solaris Zones, LPAR, vPar, nPar and other technologies, for example.

When creating new licenses from purchase order data, the product use rights are applied automatically, which minimizes the amount of effort required to model license entitlements in FlexNet Manager for Oracle.

‘What If’ Analysis

Simulation capability is provided for Oracle server based licenses allowing customers to perform What If analysis to understand the licensing implications of a change within their IT environment.

This ‘What If’ Analysis feature enables the calculation of a new Oracle license position considering:

  • Hardware change
  • Shared processor pool setting changes or the addition or removal of shared processor pools
  • Virtual Machine (VM) or hard partition property changes
  • A change of physical host for virtual machines or hard partitions
  • Addition or removal of software installations

‘What If’ Analysis provides information on the financial impact of the change from a software licensing perspective.

License Change Review

This feature analyzes differences between Flexera Software content libraries—particularly the Product Use Rights Library, and existing software licenses. Recommendations such as applying product use rights templates and adding applications to the license record are made so that the license repository can be kept up to date.

  • Changes to software vendors’ product use rights are incorporated in the library via monthly updates and can be automatically applied to existing licenses
  • An opt out option is available for these changes if there are specific (non-standard) product use rights in contracts with a publisher
  • Automatically benefit from improvements in the Flexera Software libraries, e.g. new links between Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and applications in the Application Recognition Library, new SKUs with associated product use rights, etc., that may impact existing licenses

License Change Review ensures that your license compliance position is always accurate and optimized.

License Exemption by Device Role

The process of creating device exemptions, based on the role of the device (production, test, backup/DR/failover, training, etc.) is now automated by using product use rights supplied by the Product Use Rights Library and assigning a role to each inventory device. When an inventory device is assigned to a role that is exempted in the product use rights for the license, meaning that the device (e.g. server) does not require a separate license for that role, the exemption is automatically applied during license reconciliation. This reduces the number of licenses consumed which can reduce your ongoing costs for software.

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