FlexNet Manager for IBM

Automated License Management and License Optimization for IBM Software Products

Accepted by IBM for Sub-Capacity Reporting

FlexNet Manager for IBM is a scalable IBM license compliance and Software License Optimization solution that is built on the FlexNet Manager Platform. This product automates and optimizes entitlement based software license management to enable the reduction of license, maintenance and audit costs for IBM server software, while maintaining license compliance.

FlexNet Manager for IBM provides next generation software asset management functionality including automated license reconciliation for IBM DB2, Cognos, ILOG, InfoSphere, Lotus, Rational, Tivoli, WebSphere and other products. FlexNet Manager for IBM allows organizations to achieve the highest level of Software License Optimization maturity—Level 4, for IBM software asset management processes. FlexNet Manager for IBM is part of the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises used by thousands of enterprises to gain control of and optimize spend across their software estate.

Leverages FlexNet Manager Platform to Provide Visibility and Control

  • Provides scalable hardware and software asset management across more than 16,000 publishers and 223,476 applications, providing insight into installed software and application usage
  • Delivers purchased versus installed license reconciliation
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities allow users to identify and evaluate areas of license compliance concern and make informed decisions that reduce license and maintenance costs
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to Microsoft SCCM, as well as connectors for other third party inventory and configuration management tools
  • Provides connectivity to HR, Active Directory, procurement, ERP and other systems for user, computer, purchasing and organizational data

Software License Management for IBM Reduces On-going Software Costs

  • Supports a number of different IBM license models (Processor Value Unit (PVU), User Value Unit (UVU), Resource Value Unit (RVU), Authorized User, Concurrent User and Floating User)
  • Supports IBM’s BigFix Inventory (formerly Software Use Analysis (SUA))—essentially a replacement for IBM Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed (TadD), to import usage data for IBM Processor Value Unit (PVU) licenses
  • Can use the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) as an inventory source to provide information on hardware allocations to virtual machines and hardware partitions, as well as detailed sub-capacity consumption figures for PVU-based licenses.
    Alternatively, FlexNet Manager for IBM provides its own discovery and inventory capability that can be used to independently assess IBM software installations and license consumption, including both full capacity and sub-capacity scenarios. FlexNet Manager for IBM data used to determine a license position for IBM software is accepted by IBM for sub-capacity reporting as an alternative to ILMT, TADd, and BigFix Inventory.

    IBM sub-capacity reporting requires FlexNet Manager for IBM and FlexNet Manager Platform. These two products must be installed together and at version 2015 R2 or later. This provides the required 30 minute inventory scan frequency. Flexera Software’s inventory agent (2015 or later version) or ILMT/BigFix Inventory must be used for IBM discovery and inventory.

    IBM’s Acceptance Terms:
    IBM will allow you to install FlexNet Manager for IBM Version 2015 R2 or later as an alternative to the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) to fulfill your reporting obligations under the sub-capacity licensing terms, provided that FlexNet Manager for IBM must be functionally equivalent to the most current version of ILMT and provide equivalent reporting (including without limitation a minimum scan frequency of 30 minutes), and must be properly installed, configured and maintained by you at all times. You are responsible for working with Flexera to ensure that such conditions are met. If additional Flexera Software products are required to meet these conditions you must procure them. IBM reserves the right to verify your FlexNet Manager for IBM installation using the assistance of a third party. This authorization is limited to FlexNet Manager for IBM performing discovery and reporting of processor usage either natively or integrated with IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed (TADd) or IBM BigFix Inventory. This authorization does not apply to Flexera acting as an aggregator/dashboard and reporting processor usage discovered by other third party tools. Except for the choice of system tool, nothing herein will be deemed to modify any other sub-capacity licensing terms and conditions.

    The above terms require acceptance by IBM.

    For more information, please contact a Flexera Software representative.
  • Provides a report comparing side-by-side results between FlexNet Manager for IBM and ILMT
  • IBM inventory data is imported into the FlexNet Manager Platform repository where it is correlated with purchase orders and contracts enabling a purchased versus installed license reconciliation to be performed
  • Allows customers to import IBM license entitlement data from the IBM Passport Advantage website. This can give customers a level of confidence that they are 100% aligned on entitlements in case of an audit.
  • Reports license compliance and over licensed situations for IBM software
  • The FlexNet Manager for IBM Product Use Rights Library (PURL) contains the PVU points table to allow the calculation of PVU license consumption and automates the process of applying IBM license entitlements to optimize license position

Proactively Manage Your Software Estate Using ‘What If’ Analysis

  • Provides industry-first ‘What If’ Analysis capabilities that allow organizations to see the impact of hardware and software changes on their license position, before the changes are actually made
  • Supports IBM server based license models (e.g. PVU, RVU, etc.)
  • Actions such as modifying hardware properties, moving virtual machines across hosts or installation of a new software title can be simulated, providing an estimated license position and financial impact that reflects these changes
Report on optimized license position and cost savings with FlexNet Manager for IBM
Report on optimized license position and cost savings with FlexNet Manager for IBM

FlexNet Manager for IBM allows organizations to more effectively "use what they have and only buy what they need." Learn more about the other products in the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises.

Advantages of FlexNet Manager for IBM and FlexNet Manager Suite

While FlexNet Manager for IBM data is accepted by IBM for sub-capacity reporting, it’s important to also take a look at the advantages of the broader FlexNet Manager Suite solution. FlexNet Manager Suite:

  • Supports a range of license models—for IBM and many other vendors
  • Provides license management and optimization across many vendors
  • Understands and applies vendor specific product use rights to optimize your license position for multiple vendors (this applies to IBM PVU license consumption too—for example, standby servers for WebSphere Application Server can be exempted, meaning they won’t consume a license)
  • Includes a comprehensive Contract Management capability
  • Integrates with leading IT Service Management tools, including Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and service desk products such as BMC Atrium, Remedy, and ServiceNow
  • Provides ‘What If’ Analysis for proactive license management of complex datacenter server environments



IBM Product Use Rights Library

FlexNet Manager for IBM includes a Product Use Rights Library for IBM that enables it to determine an accurate license position and optimize license consumption. These rights include:

  • Upgrade—the right to use the latest version of the software as soon as it becomes available.
  • Downgrade—the right to use an older version of the software than the version purchased.
  • Virtual environment use rights—the rights associated with running the software on a virtual machine, virtual desktop or as a virtualized application.

The IBM Product Use Rights Library contains license entitlement information for many IBM applications, including the following: Cognos, DB2, ILOG, Informix, InfoSphere, Lotus, Maximo, Rational, Tivoli, WebSphere, etc.

‘What If’ Analysis

Simulation capability has been added for IBM server based licenses such as Processor Value Unit (PVU) licenses, allowing customers to perform ‘What If’ analysis to understand the licensing implications of a change to their IT environment. This ‘What If’ Analysis feature enables the calculation of a new IBM license position considering:

  • Hardware changes
  • Shared processor pool settings changes or the addition or removal of shared processor pools
  • Virtual Machine (VM) property changes
  • A change of physical host for virtual machines
  • Addition or removal of software installations

‘What If’ Analysis provides information on the financial impact of the change from a software licensing perspective.

IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) Integration

FlexNet Manager for IBM is integrated with the IBM ILMT to allow importing of hardware and software inventory data as well as processor usage data, including information on processor allocations for virtual environments where sub-capacity licensing is in effect. Sub-capacity licensing allows customers to only license the processors allocated to the virtual machines or hardware partitions that run that application, rather than the full capacity of the physical server. This can reduce licensing costs. The ILMT data import into FlexNet Manager Platform consolidates all licensing information into a single repository. From there, it can be correlated with purchase orders and contracts enabling a purchased versus installed license reconciliation using FlexNet Manager for IBM.

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