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Establish Governance to Check License Availability, Obtain Proper Approvals, and Reclaim Unused Licenses with App Portal Software


Customer Realizes Millions in Savings with App Portal

Success Story

A large enterprise customer with over 150,000 employees, recently launched a software reclamation strategy. They removed over 10,000 installations of unused software and reclaimed over $4.5M USD worth of software licenses. Read their success story to find out how.

Success Story

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development manages Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations. The department faced a number of challenges with managing applications for 13,000 users and they selected Flexera Software App Portal to improve service delivery and governance over their software asset management processes. License reclamation…

Kuoni provides self-serve access to more than 200 business applications for 10,000 employees worldwide

Success Story

Using App Portal, Kuoni has an automated, self-service approach for handling a deployment of applications, operating systems and services. Ultimately, approximately 10,000 employees worldwide will have easy access to more than 200 business applications along with productivity-enhancing services such as shared folders, distribution lists and group mailboxes. Additionally, our enterprise App Portal software is giving the IT staff effective tools for tak…

AstraZeneca Unlocks $2 Million in Annual Savings

Success Story

AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of prescription medicines. AstraZeneca operates in over 100 countries and its innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide. They faced a number of challenges when it came to deploying software, managing service delivery and overseeing governance.

Providence Health & Services Employees Save Time and Money By Ordering Desktop Applications Through a Self-Service App Store

Success Story

With App Portal, Providence employees order desktop applications through a self-service app store. Instead of taking four days, software requests are fulfilled in two hours or less. Applications are delivered without intervention from IT, saving hundreds of hours of staff time. Additionally, a centralized dashboard provides alerts on software license availability and usage, enabling IT to avoid overbuying licenses while ensuring compliance with contra…

Avnet, Inc.: Learn how with Flexera Software App Portal, Avnet's IT has reduced wait-times for application delivery from days to minutes

Success Story

Avnet used App Portal enterprise app store software to implement an enterprise app store that has streamlined and automated processes for software requests, approvals and application delivery. Requesters now receive applications in minutes instead of days. Technical staff members no longer spend time on repetitive installation tasks, so they have more time to work on strategic initiatives.…

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