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Establish Governance to Check License Availability, Obtain Proper Approvals, and Reclaim Unused Licenses with App Portal Software


Universal App Store for PC, Mac®, Cloud, and Mobile

Ensure control and efficient self-service delivery of approved applications by enabling employees to request PC, Mac, cloud, and mobile apps from a single enterprise store.

Tailor the enterprise app store experience for employees so they see only items they are able to request and are provided alternative items and price allowing them to make informed decisions. In addition, they can search for apps and even get recommendations for installation to other devices, giving employees the ability to request an application once and have it deployed to a desktop, tablet and phone at the same time. With support for Apple iOS and Android public store and internal apps, as well as desktop and cloud applications, an express checkout process automates deployment. App Portal offers administrators extensive control over who can request items from the online store: software requests may come directly from the business user, requested by the user’s manager, or by a third party like the help desk.

Automates Software Approvals and Governance

Automated approvals are flexible and can use the turnkey App Portal approval process or be delegated to utilize established approval workflows in an existing ITSM implementation.

Make approvals conditional based on security groups, Organizational Units, Active Directory Properties, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite collection membership for both users and computers. App Portal leverages Active Directory data to identify the requester's business manager and route requests appropriately. Dynamically determine the appropriate approval process based on Active Directory attributes such as department, office, or organizational unit. App Portal supports a variety of approval routing structures.

Flexible Routing. Specify multiple levels of approval with multiple approvers per level. The solution supports both linear — that is, all approvers in a list, in order — and pool approvers — any single approver from a pool can approve the request. Administrators can also set a custom status for each approval level to support various functions within the enterprise, including security review, purchasing and compatibility.

Conditional Approvals. Make approval levels conditional based on such factors as cost, license availability, security groups, Organizational Units, Active Directory Properties and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite collection membership for both users and computers.

Email Approval Notification. Send email with direct links so approvers can get detailed information for making the right decision to : auto approve, approve, reject, or review each request.

Delegate Approvals to IT Service Management Systems. App Portal can leverage established workflows in existing ServiceNow or BMC Remedy ITSM implementations.

Reclaims Unused Software to Reduce Software Spending

Eliminate software waste by recycling unused licenses and returning them to the available license pool.

Installation evidence and usage data from FlexNet Manager Suite powers My Apps and notifies users with alerts and a list of unused applications installed on their device with the option to keep them or surrender applications so the license can be returned to the available license pool. Users have the option of keeping unused applications or surrendering the license. When the user surrenders the license, App Portal uninstalls the application and returns the license to the license pool. In addition App Portal supports a flexible software leasing model in which business users lease an application for a specified period of time. The application is reclaimed and returned to the license pool when the lease expires.

Keeps Employees Informed of Costs and Usage

Give employees one place to view license cost and usage information for applications installed on their devices and involve them in Software License Optimization. The Software Policy Score informs employees how well applications installed on their device comply with corporate policies.

App Portal leverages application installation and usage data from Flexera Software FlexNet Manager Platform to power My Apps. Business users increase their score by resolving policy alerts listed in the Current Alerts section, which include applications installed with no proof of purchase or applications that are unused. This unique capability assists IT in reclaiming software licenses and encourages business users to be good corporate citizens, making them part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  • Installed Software – This normalized list of software installed on the device includes information on app cost and usage as well as title, publisher and version.
  • Current Alerts – This list of unresolved software policy conflicts for apps on the device gives users information that helps them improve the Software Policy Score
  • Resolved Alerts – Each time an employee resolves an alert, the Software Policy Score improves for the device.

Automatically Checks for License Availability

Effectively maintains continual software license compliance each time an employee requests an application.

When an employee orders from the enterprise app store, App Portal displays asset data from Flexera Software FlexNet Manager Platform, including the number of licenses owned, how many copies are in use and how many licenses are currently available. App Portal starts by evaluating Product Use Rights to determine whether or not a license would be consumed by the request. If a license would be consumed, App Portal checks to see if a license is available it is reserved during the approval and fulfillment processes, ensuring that the software can be installed quickly on the user's computer once all approvals are obtained. App Portal displays an accurate count of available licenses at the time a user requests a new application from the enterprise app store by utilizing the Enterprise Group Assignment data defined in the FlexNet Manager Platform. This capability enables license reservation and consumption based on group ownership and permits the roll-up of license quantities for specific groups (cost centers, business units or locations). Enterprise Group Assignment helps enforce accurate license positions at a global level for compliance and at a group level to support cost assignment to lines of business.

Works Seamlessly with Deployment Systems

Present a single App store even when multiple software deployment systems are managing client devices across the enterprise.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Integration
App Portal supports all deployment types providing fast delivery and real-time status monitoring of Applications, Packages, Task Sequences, OSD and App-V. App Portal supports both user centric and computer centric deployment models to meet all your deployment and use case scenarios.

Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite (CMS) Integration
App Portal supports both Managed Software Delivery and classic Advertisements. App Portal supports both Managed Software Delivery policies and classic Advertisements providing fast delivery and real-time status monitoring. App Portal supports both user centric and computer centric deployment models.

VMware AirWatch® Mobile Application Management Integration
App Portal supports mobile apps including Apple iOS and Android public store & internally developed apps, and integrates out of the box with VMware AirWatch to deploy mobile apps. Use the same IT controls, such as approvals and workflow for mobile app requests and accelerate app delivery by using AdminStudio to simultaneously add mobile applications to AirWatch and App Portal.

JAMF Software Casper Suite
App Portal supports the deployment of software to managed Mac computers with out of the box integration. By providing a simple, flexible, and scalable framework to work within, adding the Casper Suite helps IT admins maintain, update, and ensure their fleet of Apple devices are running at optimal performance and employees can access software for PCs and Macs in a single universal app store.

Provision Cloud Applications

Employees request cloud applications, like, Microsoft® Office 365 and Box, from the same universal enterprise app store where they get desktop and mobile applications. Provide a single app store experience, simplify the user experience, automate approvals, and automatically provision cloud applications.

Cloud applications are provisioned with the same level of automation as desktop applications. Users are able to search and find the cloud application they need in the same way as they would for desktop and mobile applications.

Show Real Business Value

The App Portal Dashboard displays up-to-date metrics that show how much automating self-service application and OS requests can save an organization.

Maintain Control with Smart Uninstall

Automatically remove applications from devices even when the application has no uninstall program. Smart uninstall coordinates with FlexNet Manager to determine key metadata and creates uninstall commands for applications based on Windows Installer technology.

Works with Leading IT Service Management Systems

App Portal integrates with BMC, ServiceNow, Microsoft Service Manager, and other popular ITSM tools to improve service quality, application delivery, and end user satisfaction.

AppBroker Software for ServiceNow® extends the power of the ServiceNow Service Catalog, optimizes software license usage, and enables employees to request applications directly in the ServiceNow Service Portal. Learn more about AppBroker Software for ServiceNow.

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