Technopedia MD

Enable Visibility of Your Medical Assets to Enhance Patient Safety

Technopedia MD Enables Proactive Medical Device Management

The influx of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices introduces new demands for maintaining critical network-attached medical devices and equipment. Flexera has developed Technopedia MD, an industry-specific, authoritative repository and methodology dedicated to helping healthcare delivery organizations in the procurement, inspection, maintenance, retirement and disposal of medical equipment. The medical industry can now leverage Flexera's vast expertise in delivering the most authoritative methodology for information technology data collecting and reconciliation for easy asset management and enterprise architecture development.

Key Benefits

  • Provides complete visibility of medical asset inventories for easier management
  • Reduces risk of inaccurate data from improperly maintained medical devices that can render misdiagnosis and improper treatment of patients
  • Facilitates a proactive approach in medical equipment management to enhance patient safety
  • Enables vigilance in the lifecycle management of medical devices to help ensure all medical equipment is in compliance and properly maintained
  • Aids in safety and compliance to reduce financial and legal impacts
  • Enables better predictability and planning of resource availability with proven and relevant market intelligent data about medical equipments

Align and Enrich Your Medical Assets and Purchases

Technopedia MD categorizes and aligns a constantly growing number of medical devices and assets to deliver consistent, accurate and business-relevant information for strategic and tactical decision-making. Updates are continuous to ensure that the information is always up-to-date.

Technopedia MD is a structured catalog, or repository, of medical devices that provides clean, consistent baseline information about medical products and manufacturers. This data creates the common language of medical devices necessary to drive alignment across all business units and medical departments.

Content Packs extend the Technopedia MD content with immediately actionable information for specific use cases such as product lifecycle, medical taxonomy such as GMDN and UMDMS, manufacturer disclosure information such as MDS2, and more.
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Key Features

  • Provides relevant market intelligent data, such as lifecycle, manufacturer safety notices and FDA recall data to help ensure compliance and reduce legal risk
  • Leverages a proven methodology for collecting relevant medical equipment data with continuous updates to help in the reconciliation of your inventory
  • Utilizes standard medical taxonomy information such as GMDN and UMDNS to enable a common language for easier reconciliation of data
  • Ensures vigilance of protecting patient data by enabling identity of electronic protected health information data devices
  • Enables a proactive approach in regards to your medical equipment asset negotiations with privacy and security market intelligent data such as MDS2