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Progressive Insurance Achieves a Lean and Highly Repeatable Packaging Process

Success Story

Progressive Insurance team saved 30% of their time by automating previously disjointed and manual processes, and package applications to the business 40% faster than before.

The University Medical Center Groningen Saves Packaging Time and Benefits From Streamlining and Automation By Implementing AdminStudio Suite and Workflow Manager

Success Story

Within the first three months, UMCG has already seen a significant savings in actual packaging time with AdminStudio Suite. The staff expects additional efficiency gains once Workflow Manager is in place. Users will benefit from the ability to submit and track their own requests as well as faster fulfillment of requests. IT will benefit from the streamlining and automation of application delivery from the request stage through to handoff of a package…

Tauw Saves Time Implementing Application Virtualization

Success Story

Achieving a Cutting Edge Environment Based on Standards, Streamlining Processes while Saving the Firm Time, Effort and Budget: an AdminStudio and Workflow Manager workflow application success story.

Comcast: Learn How Comcast Implemented a Single Installation Standard and Increased Reliability

Success Story

Reducing costs and streamlining resources for an OS migration while meeting aggressive deadlines and handling complex application management: an AdminStudio success story

Winworkers: WInworkers Sees 35% Improvement in Packaging Speed

Success Story

Making enterprise-wide application distribution simple and straightforward: an AdminStudio success story.

New York Life: Learn How They Went from 32 Desktop Images to One

Success Story

Solving software conflicts, building confidence, relying on a proven toolset: an AdminStudio success story

Investment Banking Firm: See How They Dramatically Cut TCO of Their Desktops

Success Story

Standardizing on application migration and management best practices across worldwide locations: an AdminStudio and Workflow Manager enterprise workflow software success story.

George Mason University: See How They Cut Packaging Time by 50%

Success Story

Saving time, money and staff investment with centralized control for packaging and deploying applications across diverse locations: an AdminStudio and Workflow Manager workflow management software success story.

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