AdminStudio Virtualization

Accelerate Application Virtualization and Manage Virtual Packages

Application Virtualization Software for Automated Conversion, Repackaging and Testing

AdminStudio Virtualization prepares software for reliable application virtualization deployment with a complete set of virtualization compatibility testing, automated conversion, validation, editing and management reporting capabilities. With support for all leading virtual application formats (including Microsoft App-V) in a single tool, AdminStudio Virtualization fast tracks application virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects.

Automated App Virtualization Software

  • Convert multiple MSIs and legacy installers to industry leading virtual application formats including Microsoft App-V, VMware® Thin App, and Symantec Workspace Virtualization
  • Automate the conversion to virtual application formats with a consistent approach that is up to 9 times faster than using native tools
  • Create packages in both traditional and virtual formats from a single build process

Automated Repackaging on Virtual Machines

  • Leverage existing software packaging investments by automatically determining which setups contain custom actions that need to be repackaged, and which can be virtualized without repackaging. It manages virtual machines, silently repackages installs and creates virtual packages for the resulting MSIs

Virtualization Compatibility Testing and Validation

  • Automatically test compatibility to determine suitability for conversion and deployment as a virtual application
  • Customize, test, validate and edit MSI packages with the same processes as a traditional package
  • Run conflict and validation tests to ensure they work as expected for users and conform to best-practice packaging.

Extensive Support for Microsoft App-V 5.1

  • Upgrade Microsoft App-V packages to App-V 5.1 automatically
  • Test Microsoft App-V packages for compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows Server (Requires AdminStudio Application Compatibility)
  • Define Virtual Connection Groups and publish to System Center Configuration Manager
  • Directly edit App-V packages, eliminating the need to reconvert from an MSI to modify the package
  • Publish App-V packages directly to XenApp servers to streamline the application management tasks for VDI and hosted virtual sessions
  • Distribute virtual applications to leading software deployment tools – including Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft App-V 5.1 Servers.

AdminStudio Virtualization is part of the AdminStudio Suite, which powers an enterprise's Application Readiness process for inventory, rationalization, packaging, and compatibility testing of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and continuous and predictable deployment into increasingly complex computing environments.


Application Virtualization Suitability Testing Enterprise and Professional Editions

Automatically tests desktop applications including Microsoft® App-V, VMware® ThinApp™, and Symantec Workspace Virtualization applications to determine their suitability for conversion and deployment as virtual applications.

Automated Virtual Application Converter Standard, Enterprise and Professional Editions

Automated conversion of Windows Installer packages (MSIs) and legacy installers to Microsoft App-V, VMware® Thin App, and Symantec Workspace Virtualization.

Detects and converts packages that contain custom actions on a virtual machine. Automated approach is 9 times faster than manual conversion tools. Use the Standard Edition for small jobs converting applications one at a time, or the Enterprise or Professional Edition to convert multiple applications at a time.

Test EXE Installers for Virtualization Suitability Enterprise and Professional Editions

Improve packaging speed, efficiency and quality by automatically identifying MSI packages nested in an EXE bootstrapper and running virtualization tests against these nested MSIs to determine suitability for virtualization.

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