AdminStudio Mac and Mobile: Editions

Simplify Mac OS X and Mobile Application Management


AdminStudio Mac® and Mobile Application Management is available in Enterprise and Professional Editions. Identify, manage, track and report on internal mobile apps, and public links from Windows® Store, Apple® App Store® and, Google® Play® alongside Windows applications.

AdminStudio Mac® and Mobile Features



  Import and Deploy Applications Test for Risk and Device Compatibility
Mac® and Mobile Features Try it now Try it now
Unified Application Readiness Process for Windows, Mac, and Mobile X X
Configure and Prepare Mac Applications for Deployment X X
Test Mac Apps for OS X Compatibility to Ensure They Work as Expected X X
Import App Store Links as Part of a Consistent and Predictable Process X X
Publish Prepared and Approved Mac Applications X X
Test Mobile Apps for OS Compatibility, iOS, Android and Windows 10 Universal Apps X X
Test Mobile Apps for Device Compatibility   X
Identify Risky Apps with Mobile Application Reputation Scanning   X
Dashboard and Reporting   X
Automate Mac and Mobile testing with PowerShell APIs   X
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