AdminStudio Application Compatibility: Features

Application Compatibility Toolkit for Windows 10, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Windows Server


Windows 10 Application Compatibility Testing and Remediation Enterprise and Professional Editions

Perform Windows compatibility tests against .EXE and .MSI installations for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Load an application for testing and receive a summary report on the compatibility. Quickly understand which applications will require fixing prior to deployment and identify applications and installers with known compatibility issues.

Automatically generate standard MSI transforms to fix many installation related issues. Through these transforms, you ensure a fast, consistent approach that maintains the quality of application packages.

Detailed Application Portfolio Compatibility Reporting Enterprise Edition

Dashboards and reports provide overall compatibility status from multiple viewpoints for all applications in the AdminStudio catalog or by group. Drilling into the report takes you from big picture to detailed analysis. The audit trail report shows the testing and remediation progress over time, offering valuable insight to the project team

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Compatibility Testing Enterprise Edition

Simple, bulk loading of Web site addresses (URLs) and Web-based applications for Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge, compatibility testing. Import multiple Web site addresses (URLs) or Web applications and test to ensure they are compatible with the latest web browser versions.

Automatically Detect and Remediate Windows Server Compatibility Issues Enterprise Edition

Automatically fix application issues and leverage in-depth testing and reporting to identify compatibility issues with both installation package and application code on Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2012 R2.

Ensure enterprise applications are compatible with Windows Server to preparing them for publishing via Windows Server Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp, or VMware Horizon.

Compatibility Tests for Windows Server and Microsoft Azure Enterprise Edition

Ensure web applications are compatible to be hosted on Windows Server and Azure platforms and successfully transition applications to cloud infrastructure to reduce costs and accelerate datacenter modernization.

Compatibility Testing Application Programming Interface (API) Enterprise Edition

Automatically trigger Windows compatibility tests as part of the Application Readiness process. Automate more processes, increase operational efficiency, and improve service levels by using PowerShell API commands to perform Windows, Windows Server, and Internet Explorer compatibility testing and issue resolution.

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