Application Readiness

Predictable Application Delivery for Physical, Virtual and Mobile Deployments

Deploy Reliable Applications in a Predictable Manner

Flexera Software delivers market-leading Application Readiness solutions to help enterprises in the inventorying, rationalizing, packaging, planning, and delivery of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and continuous and predictable deployment into increasingly complex computing environments.

Packaging software and reliably deploying it is more complex than ever. Consumerization of IT and bring your own device (BYOD) are just some of the trends that are creating new challenges. The boundaries between work and personal life are blurring, and users are demanding consistent self-service access to corporate services from wherever they are, on multiple device types, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

In response, IT organizations are launching strategic initiatives to meet goals related to:

With so many initiatives in place, preparing and deploying applications in a reliable, consistent manner is complex, whether deployment is part of an operating system migration, application virtualization project, mobility initiative or every day application requests. Doing so in a cost-effective way is at the heart of driving application usage and greater productivity.

Key Phases to Full Lifecycle Application Packaging and Application Readiness

Flexera Software’s Application Readiness solutions offer substantial value to your enterprise. You can enhance their value by incorporating them into end-to-end management of the enterprise application lifecyle that encompass application packaging, delivery through an enterprise app store and software licensing optimization. With tight integration across these areas, you can streamline and automate the effort involved in keeping applications in a state of readiness for deployment into increasingly complex environments, making applications easily and immediately available to employees, and effectively managing software licenses to ensure continuous license compliance while optimizing software usage and minimizing spend.

Flexera Software products uniquely manage software usage strategically across the entire enterprise software lifecycle and have long been a de facto industry standard in application readiness and application packaging—core components of a strategic approach to Application Usage Management. More than 10,000 enterprise, government and educational institutions rely on our solutions to reliably and rapidly package more than one million applications.

See how the global leader in application readiness and application packaging can help you facilitate enterprise-wide deployments that minimize IT costs and increase application usability. To read more about this complete end-to-end solution, read our Six Steps to Continuous Application Readiness white paper.

Application Readiness Solutions: Packaging, Inventory, Rationalization, Virtualization

AdminStudio Suite

AdminStudio Suite powers an enterprise’s daily Application Readiness process for inventory, rationalization, packaging, planning, and compatibility testing of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and predictable deployment.

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AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams with the most advanced application packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for software deployment with a complete set of automated MSI packaging, customization, testing and reporting capabilities. Proven in benchmark tests to decrease application preparation time by up to 70%, AdminStudio software application manager hands off packages to leading software deployment tools.

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AdminStudio Application Compatibility

AdminStudio Application Compatibility toolkit significantly reduces the time and effort involved in ongoing Windows, and Windows Server migrations by automatically assessing and fixing application compatibility issues. Auto-resolution of 95% of installation-related issues helps simplify scoping and delivery of day-to-day applications requests, ongoing Windows migrations and desktop transformation projects.

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AdminStudio Mac and Mobile

AdminStudio Mac and Mobile application management software enables centralized preparation and management of Mac OS X and mobile apps with the same tools and processes used for Windows and virtual applications. Test mobile app software for device and OS compatibility and report on the behavior, configuration and property settings of mobile applications to identify which apps require additional security assessment.

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AdminStudio Virtualization

AdminStudio Virtualization prepares software for reliable application virtualization deployment with a complete set of virtualization compatibility testing, automated conversion, validation, editing and management reporting capabilities. With support for all leading virtual application formats (including Microsoft App-V) in a single tool, AdminStudio Virtualization fast tracks application virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects.

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Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager, our workflow management software, helps enterprises efficiently manage the Application Readiness and Software License Optimization processes to streamline the procurement, preparation, deployment, and ongoing management of applications. Workflow Manager maximizes productivity of the IT team by automating change management, asset management, and other ITIL processes as part of the enterprise application lifecycle.

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