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Eradicate inefficiency in the software supply chain

We live in a cloud, SaaS, and virtual world powered by software, a $350 Billion industry that runs every company on the planet. But the software supply chain – the network of vendors, customers, end users and intermediaries – is dysfunctional.

Significant time and money is spent managing what customers are using compared to what they have bought. When you also consider security exploits and open source liabilities, it becomes clear that there’s far too much friction, waste, and risk.

We are working closely with forward thinking companies to revolutionize the way this supply chain operates. It’s in everything we do. Join us in creating a more efficient way to buy, sell, manage and secure software.

Why partner with Flexera?

Unlock value

A hassle-free, transparent supply chain keeps your business focused on solving problems that create real customer value.

Supporting technology

Our market leading technology platform fills the gaps in the supply chain, making compliant and secure software management easy for you and your customers.

The help you need

With over 80,000 customers and 25+ years managing software risks, we have the experience and reach to implement real change.

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