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Software License Optimization


Forrester, Duncan Jones, Introducing Software License Optimization

Sourcing Professionals Should adopt a radical new License Management approach that Supersedes Hardware-based asset Management

Software asset management (SAM), as organizations such as ITIL and ISO define it, is obsolete. Its base processes come from a bygone era of floppy disks and unique license keys, whereas today's software licensing challenges include virtualized systems, a focus on usage instead of installation, and a proliferation of pricing metrics to track and control. This report will introduce a new approach that Forrester calls software license optimization (SLO). It will explain how traditional SAM is failing enterprises and how SLO is enhancing compliance while reducing wasteful spend on superfluous license capacity.


Ovum, Roy Illsley, Technology Audit: FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises v8.6

In today's economic climate, there is significant pressure on CIOs to control costs and reduce risks, while at the same time finding ways to fund new business initiatives. Software represents a strategic asset that is typically under-managed in most organizations. Hence, it should be a priority for CIOs to find ways to automate and optimize software asset management to uncover cost savings and minimize license liability risk. The recovered time and money can then be diverted to innovation.

Ovum has long advocated the need to manage software contracts and software license compliance/costs on a professional basis, beyond the Excel spreadsheets used by most IT departments. FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises represents an enterprise-class solution for desktop and datacenter software assets and provides the information and tools needed to optimize the management of these assets.