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Secunia Research - Our Intelligence is Your Power

Learn about the benefits of Vulnerability Management in keeping your business secure from cyber threats. Vulnerability Intelligence plays an important part in this and Secunia Research by Flexera Software produces the vulnerability intelligence that allows our customers to stay secure.


The Truth Is Flexera is Reimagining the Way Software is Bought, Sold, Managed, and Secured

Flexera helps organizations meet the challenges of a dysfunctional software supply chain where licensing is highly complex and software contains security vulnerabilities. Our software asset management, vulnerability management and composition analysis solutions allow IT Operations, IT Security, Development and Procurement teams t…


Comprehensive and Accurate Software and Hardware Inventory Information to Reduce Costs with Flexera Software

Learn how to gain visibility and control of your IT estate by having a comprehensive view of deployed hardware and software assets.


Why is patching your software so important?

Learn about the importance of patching and how to overcome some of the challenges to improve patching and reduce risk.


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