Why Work for Flexera Software? Technology

Market-Leading Products, Comprehensive Benefits and Good People

At Flexera Software, we offer an entrepreneurial environment where technology professionals thrive and where individual contributions really count. Our employees create and help shape some of the most cutting edge technologies every day. If you want to work for a leading, multinational technology company, Flexera Software is the place.

One of the most rewarding things for anyone working in the high-tech industry is to see your products succeed. At Flexera Software, we've accomplished that and then some. Flexera Software technology has been deployed on more than 550 million desktops and embedded in over 20,000 applications!

The software producers and intelligent device manufacturers that deploy Flexera Software's software monetization solutions are responsible for more than $50 billion in annual software sales, and deliver their products to more than 3.5 million customers around the world. With such a broad base of activity and corresponding transactional data captured by our systems, Flexera Software is in a unique position to identify and report on larger compliance and entitlement management trends of importance to market players and market watchers.

We are proud of our market leadership in each of the markets we serve, including: installation; software monetization; application readiness and software license optimization. Most people are familiar with some of our market leading brands, including InstallShield, AdminStudio and our FlexNet line of products. Our solutions are sold to software vendors, intelligent device manufacturers, enterprises and governments of all sizes. We have on-premises solutions and state-of-the-art cloud-based software-as-a-service offerings.

Today, we continue to extend our solutions to support applications as they move to virtualization and the cloud, as they adopt new usage-based licensing models and as enterprises drive desktop transformation and license optimization initiatives. We have quickly gained broad market adoption for our solutions for connecting current to cloud.