Optimize and Secure Your Business

Flexera supports your digital transformation efforts and your move to the cloud with our Software and Cloud Optimization and Software Vulnerability Management solutions. Just as important, manage and optimize your on-premises IT environment, too.

We are transforming the software supply chain to cut wasted costs and remove risk. Worry less about license compliance and focus on increasing business value. Quickly find and remediate security vulnerabilities and close the ‘risk window.’

Software & Cloud Optimization

Optimize Your Business

Our software and cloud optimization solutions allow IT Operations, Finance, and Procurement teams to:

  • Increase ROI for software and cloud services
  • Reduce financial risk from software audits
  • Create more accurate IT forecasting
  • Negotiate software license agreements that better meet business needs
  • Improve IT efficiency through automation and self-service

IT Insight Drives Lower Cost and Risk

Track and manage hardware and software assets throughout your IT environment

  • Ensure license compliance and defend against audits
  • Leverage product use rights to maximize your investment
  • Reclaim licenses for unused software

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Save on SaaS Subscriptions

Stay on top of SaaS Applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.com– these can be a huge expense


Control Costs for Cloud Infrastructure

  • Control costs for infrastructure services like Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Make the best use of your cloud capacity to maximize return on investment (ROI)

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Anticipate Your Software Needs

Accurate budgeting and forecasting provide the upper hand on contract negotiations and renewals.

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Simplify Your Job with Automation and Self-Service

Provide fast, easy, access to authorized software and SaaS applications

  • Enterprise app store improves convenience
  • IT Procurement and Operations stay in control of the buying and deployment process
  • Reduce helpdesk costs with integrated solutions for IT Service Management

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Simplify Your Job with Automation and Self-Service

Streamline Application Packaging & Delivery

  • Deploy faster and more reliably
  • Deliver to physical, virtual, and mobile devices
  • Ease Windows desktop and server migrations
  • Handle Application Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Tie into VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management

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Software Vulnerability Management

Empower effective collaboration between IT Security and IT Operations

Software Vulnerability Management Closes Vulnerability Management Gaps

Software Vulnerability Management is the integration of security processes and policies with software acquisition, development, administration and IT operations practices to reduce vulnerabilities and mitigate exposures, before you get hacked.

The gap between when vulnerabilities are disclosed, and when they are identified and fixed in applications creates a risk window that hackers can exploit, which leads to costly breaches.

Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Management solutions protect your business by closing this risk window. We help IT Security, IT Operations, and Development teams collaborate to:

  • Create effective software vulnerability management and security patch management processes that mitigate security risk.
  • Identify Open Source Software in your code and assess the associated security risk.
  • Track vulnerability intelligence to effectively mitigate the risk of exploitation and its consequences.

Find Vulnerabilities and Fix them FAST!

Software Vulnerability Manager empowers IT Security and Operations to continuously track, identify and remediate vulnerable applications — before exploitation leads to costly breaches.

It provides:

  • Verified security intelligence by Secunia Research
  • Timely vulnerability advisories
  • Accurate assessment and security patches all in a single console.

Close the Risk Window and don’t get hacked!

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Protect Your PC

Personal Software Inspector is a free computer security solution that identifies vulnerabilities in applications on your private PC. Vulnerable programs can leave your PC open to attacks that may get past your antivirus solution.

Simply put, it scans software on your system and identifies programs in need of security updates to safeguard your PC against cybercriminals. It also supplies your computer with the necessary software security updates to keep it safe.

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Use Open Source Software in Your Apps and Still Sleep at Night

Everyone is using Open Source Software (OSS) these days. You save time on application development and bring products to market faster. But along with this you get security and license compliance risk. You might remember Heartbleed. It’s time to get things under control.

Minimize security risk when using Open Source Software in your application development process by:

  • Quickly locating OSS and third party components in your code
  • Staying current with automated updates
  • Acting on security alerts
  • Balancing business benefits and risk management

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Unify SAM and Security Operations

Drive Software Asset Management (SAM) and Software Vulnerability Management with a common Asset List– based on normalized inventory data.

  • Security Teams can see what software must be monitored for vulnerabilities

Easily see your organization’s compliance and security risk status.

Share information with all teams involved in the asset lifecycle

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