Next Generation of Software Piracy Protection, Acresso and Arxan Join Forces

Faster deployment of stronger safeguards to protect software in current and emerging markets

Santa Clara, CA and Bethesda, MD - Jul 9, 2008 - Acresso Software and Arxan Technologies today announced GuardIT® for FlexNet® Publisher to help software producers to quickly combat piracy, strengthen application protection and reduce revenue loss. The new option for Acresso FlexNet Publisher licensing software utilizes Arxan's GuardIT application hardening technology to more easily safeguard FLEX-enabled applications against tampering.

FlexNet Publisher has long-enabled licensing protection of software, while supporting flexible business models.  GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher provides out-of-the-box protection for the appropriate FlexNet Publisher libraries, so adding protection to software is now an automated process.  More information on GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher is available at

Software piracy remains a constant challenge in the industry and the risks increase as software producers expand their business into emerging markets.  According to a 2008 Business Software Alliance/IDC study, 38 percent of PC software worldwide is being used illegally, compromising revenue streams.  [Source: IDC study sponsored by the Business Software Alliance, "The Economic Benefits of Reducing PC Software Piracy," January 2008]

"Piracy and counterfeit software rings have an astounding impact on developers and vendors from a financial and brand integrity perspective," said Michael Fauscette, Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions, IDC.  "The majority of applications today are unprotected from hackers, leaving software companies open to significant revenue losses."                          

"The software industry has long grappled with piracy and code protection, but organizations can no longer accept that it's simply a cost of doing business," said Scott Baeder, Anti-Piracy Committee Chairman, Electronic Design Automation Consortium.  "Software developers need a solution that captures the benefits of license management, but one that is also coupled with software intellectual property protection – and more importantly, is easy to deploy."

GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher provides:

  • Robust and customizable binary-based protection against sophisticated threats
  • Rapid and automated deployment
  • Control over specific predetermined software areas
  • Strong security without compromising performance or resource requirements

"We are focused on helping our customers protect their assets and uncover revenue opportunities in traditional and emerging markets," said Mark Bishof, CEO, Acresso Software.  "The focus on fast deployment is a key part of that strategy, recognizing that time to market is critical in today's competitive industry."

"Hackers work around the clock to circumvent license management solutions and steal intellectual property.  That's why Arxan and Acresso have teamed up to make it harder for hackers to be successful in compromising applications," said Mike Dager, President and CEO, Arxan.  "We're demonstrating our global commitment to software producers with an application hardening solution that is seamlessly integrated into license management builds – all without impacting software's performance or source code."

More information on GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher is available at

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