Siebel Systems Standardizes on Macrovision to Cut Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction

FlexNet™ Publisher Update Service Module Automates Software Updating Process for Siebel Customers

SANTA CLARA, CA - Mar 25, 2005 - Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN) today announced that Siebel Systems has selected Macrovision’s FlexNet™ Publisher Update Service Module (Update Service) to manage and deliver software updates throughout its entire customer base. With Update Service, Siebel customers will be able to distribute software updates across their organization in a dramatically streamlined fashion, decreasing software development and deployment costs and improving customer satisfaction. Siebel will use Update Service to automatically and seamlessly deliver software updates to multiple software platforms, including Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and Sun Solaris.

"After an extensive evaluation of software update products, it became obvious that Macrovision’s Update Service was the solution that met all of our requirements," said Skip Bacon, Vice President of Technology at Siebel Systems. "We considered a variety of options, including in-house development, but ultimately recognized that Macrovision’s market leadership, technical innovation and proven customer success would enable us to implement a software update solution quickly and effectively. Most importantly, the Siebel Multi-Server Install feature, which implements Update Service, solves a critical challenge for Siebel by simplifying the delivery of our software and reducing TCO costs for customers. Customers can focus on maximizing the value of our solutions instead of spending unnecessary time on the software update process."

Delivering updates and patches in a timely and efficient manner is a major challenge for most software companies. Within an enterprise, the challenge of delivering updates and patches is further complicated because machines are locked down and systems administrators demand control over when and how updates are applied. Update Service addresses these challenges by automating the distribution and application of updates and patches, resulting in reduced support costs, better customer relationships and greater opportunities to generate additional revenue. Update Service is unique in its capability of delivering updates directly to the PC or individual device level, or in a hierarchical fashion to the system administrator or value added reseller level. IT administrators are able to take advantage of automatic updates, while still retaining control of the timing and deployment of those updates to their user base.

"Siebel is the leading customer facing solutions provider, and their decision to standardize on Update Service represents a strong endorsement of our market-leading offering, and shows how important delivering software updates is for these vendors," said Rick Harold, vice president of emerging technologies for Macrovision’s Software Technologies Group. "With Update Service, Siebel will be able to focus its efforts on delivering demonstrable business results for its customers."

Update Service is a key component of Macrovision’s FlexNet line of Software Value Management™ solutions, which include software installation, updating, packaging, licensing, entitlement management, end user management, and usage optimization.

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