Secunia Celebrates Partner Achievements at Its Annual Global Partner Conference

Winning Partners Recognized at Channel Awards Dinner in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic - Sep 10, 2015 - Secunia, a global supplier of Software Vulnerability Management products and services, recognized star players from its partner community during an awards dinner Wednesday night. The conference in Prague, Czech Republic celebrated the outstanding achievement and commitment from channel partners and individuals. Secunia presented awards in 12 categories highlighting achievements in the areas of revenue realization, growth, technology expertise and customer service excellence.

Over 79 delegates from 18 countries attended the event to get an update on Secunia’s 2016 go-to-market strategy, product roadmap and priorities, exchange insights into latest security trends, and network with industry peers and Secunia executives.

The winners are:
Partner awards

  • CSI Partner of the Year: Thomas Duryea (Australia)
  • Emerging VIM Partner of the Year: Sholin Technology (United Arab Emirates)
  • Emerging CSI Partner of the Year: Bytes Security Partner (United Kingdom)
  • Channel Experience of the Year: Bluecube (United Kingdom)
  • International Influencer of the Year: Coretech (Denmark)
  • Secunia Channel Valued Professional: Kent Agerlund, Coretech (Denmark)
  • Secunia Channel Valued Professional: Ricky Magalhaes, Logicalis (United Kingdom)

Distribution Awards

  • Best Marketing Campaign of the Year: Alpha Generation (United Kingdom)
  • Best Pre-Sales of the Year: Arnold Kok, DCC Nederlands (Netherlands)
  • Best Product Manager of the Year: Shane Mahney, EMT APAC (Australia)
  • No 1 VAD CSI: Alpha Generation (United Kingdom)
  • No 1 VAD VIM: Alpha Generation (United Kingdom)
  • MSP Distributor of the Year: ADN (Germany)

Peter Colsted, CEO at Secunia commented; "Secunia has recognized partners and individuals who have displayed outstanding achievement during 2015.  Additionally, I would like to personally congratulate all our partners for their energy, passion and commitment to helping our customers secure their networks.  Secunia is committed to the long-term success of our partners and their achievements demonstrate how investing in technology expertise, customer service excellence and through differentiating Secunia’s products and services we can create business opportunity and deliver revenue growth."
It is our great pleasure to announce the names of the winners and share with you some of the reasons they won an award:

Distribution awards:
Best Marketing Campaign of the Year goes to Alpha Generation, United Kingdom. Mark Weatherill and his marketing team at Alpha Generation delivered a creative and informative campaign called Snakes and Ladders, which aims to educate channel partners on Secunia solutions. The feedback from partners was excellent.  The award is in recognition of the campaign and the on-going commitment to Secunia.

Best Pre-Sales of the Year, recognizing outstanding pre-sales support goes to Arnold Kok, DCC Nederlands. Since starting out on his Secunia journey at the beginning of the year Arnold has got up to speed in no time, showing exemplary commitment and passion in working with Secunia and channel partners.  

Best Product Manager of the Year goes to Shane Mahney, of EMT APAC, Australia, for continuing to provide an outstanding experience to partners, working across time zones and regularly spending weeks on the road on behalf of Secunia in partner meetings, customer meetings and workshops educating partners.
Top Value Added Distributor for CSI and the top Value Added Distributor for VIM based on revenue is Alpha Generation, UK. Alpha Generation has shown that a combination of technology expertise, marketing and sales excellence delivers impressive revenue growth.

MSP Distributor of the Year goes to ADN, Germany for delivering the best MSP experience, partnered with high growth. ADN created a welcoming environment for MSPs, offering individual consultation and education around the Secunia MSP options.

Partner awards:
CSI Partner of the Year recognizing net new revenue goes to Thomas Duryea, Australia. This partner has demonstrated tremendous capability in achieving net new business.

Emerging VIM Partner of the Year goes to Sholin Technology (United Arab Emirates). Emerging Partner awards recognize commitment and passion around Secunia. As a new VIM Certified Partner, Sholin has displayed commitment and dedication, with a number of VIM opportunities created and closed.

Emerging CSI Partner of the Year, goes to Bytes Security Partner, UK. Bytes SP has shown outstanding sales and marketing activity since commencing their partnership with Secunia

Channel Experience of the Year goes to Bluecube, UK, for exceptional commitment towards building in-house knowledge and delivering the best channel experience to both vendor and customer. Bluecube has successfully gone from Silver to Gold status, with the whole sales team certified and trained to seek new Secunia opportunities.  The Secunia channel team nominated Bluecube for its ethos of treating a vendor as part of the team.

International Influencer of the Year, recognition of the valuable activities that drive brand awareness and public perception of Secunia, goes to Coretech, Denmark. Coretech is the only partner with Platinum status, and drives a business model focused on longevity, rather than a one-off sale. Coretech has influenced significant new business opportunities and continues to evangelize about Secunia.  Their blogs, articles and thought leadership pieces on Secunia and security patching have been read by thousands across the world.

Secunia Channel Valued Professional recognizes exceptional personal commitment and evangelization of Secunia, and goes to Kent Agerlund, Coretech, Denmark, who has been spreading the Secunia message across the world, since long before the introduction of the Partner Program. Kent is also a Microsoft MVP and a prolific blog writer, and a significant result of his commendations is that the Secunia CSI has become the patch management solution of choice at SCUG events.

Secunia Channel Valued Professional also goes to Ricky Magalhaes, of Logicalis, UK. Ricky has been an excellent champion of Secunia within his organization, he has aided a company-wide rollout of Secunia, personally trained his company´s technical employees and also secured a dedicated Business Development resource.

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