ISVs Power Delivery of Software with Macrovision's New Electronic Software Delivery System

Single solution provides electronic delivery of initial downloads, fulfillments and updates, with business intelligence to provide visibility into customer behavior

Schaumburg, IL - Jun 26, 2007 - Macrovision Corporation (NASDAQ: MVSN) today announced the availability of FlexNet Delivery, a new electronic software delivery system that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to make their software applications available to their customers via direct, self-service download. By giving customers direct electronic access, ISVs can reduce costs related to fulfillment, shipping and maintenance and help customers have a faster, more convenient and cost-effective method by which to obtain their software.

Gartner predicts that 50 percent of all enterprise software will be delivered electronically in 2008¹. As such, ISVs are discarding their home grown, ad hoc distribution technologies and adopting automated delivery solutions that reduce scalability challenges and manual intervention problems.

FlexNet Delivery is a component of Macrovision's new Electronic Software Delivery solution, which also contains Macrovision's FlexNet Connect technology. ISVs use FlexNet Connect to directly deliver software updates to their customers' computers. Macrovision's Electronic Software Delivery solution gives ISVs one solution to electronically deliver their initial software downloads as well as their updates and fulfillments.

With FlexNet Delivery, ISVs can provide their customers with a secure, self-service, web-based portal from which to download their purchased software. ISVs can set up an online portal and notify customers of the software's availability. Next, they send customers details of what they're entitled to receive and from there customers are given access to download the new software. The flexible infrastructure of FlexNet Delivery enables end users to manage their accounts themselves, at any time, which lowers their support costs and gives them independence to check their account status and download what they need at their convenience.

Macrovision's customer Intermec develops, manufactures and integrates technologies -- such as radio frequency identification (RFID), mobile computing and data collection systems, bar code printers and label media -- that identify, track and manage supply chain assets. Intermec is implementing FlexNet Delivery to provide its customers with an easier, faster process for downloading software that powers these technologies. The company is also implementing Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Connect software to license and deliver updates for their software.

"Through our work with Macrovision, we've been improving our mode of software delivery from physical to digital distribution and streamlining our licensing system. The transformation is enabling us to deliver our software faster and to efficiently provide fully functional demo versions to our customers," said Dan Park, director, communications and software marketing, Intermec. "Additionally, we're reducing our costs by delivering fewer CDs and concurrently increasing customer satisfaction."
Also significant is FlexNet Delivery's built-in business intelligence, which allows ISVs to collect real-time data about their user base and generate reports to gain visibility into customer behavior and download history. They can gather details about how customers are using and evaluating their applications, with specific details such as which components are most commonly accessed. By receiving fact-based data, ISVs can make better business decisions as they create new software applications and continue development on their current products. 

"With the addition of FlexNet Delivery and our electronic software delivery capabilities, we can now provide ISVs with a one-stop shop for automating their fulfillment, licensing, entitlement management and updating processes, which provides a more unified experience to their customers," said Mark Bishof, executive vice president, Software and Services Business Unit, Macrovision Corporation. "We are working closely with our ISV customers as we extend our electronic distribution capabilities so they can respond to their customers' needs and continually provide unsurpassed software and services."

Macrovision's FlexNet Delivery and Electronic Software Delivery solution are available today.

¹Deutsche Bank (January 2007), The Digital Content Wave

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