Flexera Software Announces Solutions to Advance Virtual Appliance Business Models

Proven Solutions Protect Margins, Enable Cross/Up-Selling and Support Flexible Capacity Models for High-Tech Manufacturers Deploying Virtual Appliances in Private or Public Clouds

Schaumburg, IL - Oct 12, 2010 - Flexera Software, the leading provider of strategic solutions for Application Usage Management to application producers and their customers, today announced the immediate availability of software licensing and entitlement management solutions to advance virtual appliance business models for high-tech manufacturers.

High-tech manufacturers face growing pressures to do more with less. Customers and service providers simultaneously expect ever increasing functionality delivered in a lower cost product that consumes less power, space and administrative costs and they expect to pay for only the capacity or capabilities they need when they need them. Service providers need to provision capacity to meet peak demand which leads to unused capacity during off-peak periods. And, with increasingly global competition, margins are under intense pressure.

Virtual appliances, pre-built software solutions comprised of one or more Virtual Machines that are packaged, updated and maintained as a unit, enable high-tech manufacturers to transform hardware devices into pure software offerings that can be deployed in private or public clouds. As a result, they help protect margins by eliminating expenses associated with manufacturing, holding and shipping hardware inventory. They also help grow revenues by allowing high-tech manufacturers to enter new markets, provide customers with more scalable solutions, up-/cross-sell their offerings and enable flexible capacity models for customers.

"We work exclusively with midmarket businesses - making technology flexibility, cost savings and disaster recovery critical facets of every sales discussion," said Michael Maloof, CTO at TriGeo Network Security. "Virtual appliances, paired with market-leading protection from Flexera Software, help ensure that we're meeting the needs of our customers while accelerating our ability to showcase the capabilities of our solution in evaluations and proof-of-concept deployments."

To develop virtual appliances and realize the benefits they provide, high-tech manufacturers need to deploy the right embedded software licensing and entitlement management solutions. Flexera Software's FlexNet Producer Suite for High-Tech Manufacturers is a broadly deployed and proven solution that enables high-tech manufacturers to:

  • Protect intellectual property
  • Automate capacity and capability provisioning and de-provisioning for virtual appliances
  • Enable field-upgrade of capacity and capabilities for virtual appliances
  • Report deployment of virtual appliances to facilitate comparison of capacity and capabilities owned versus deployed by an end customer
  • Improve revenues by gaining clear visibility into channel partner performance and enabling self-service
  • Automate back-office processes for maintenance renewals and cross-/up-sells of capabilities or capacity

"Increasingly, software is becoming the differentiator for many high-tech manufacturers," said Steve Schmidt, vice president of product management at Flexera Software. "As high-tech manufacturers seek ways to cost effectively meet customer demands for greater flexibility, they need proven solutions to monetize and protect their solutions, and FlexNet Producer Suite has consistently demonstrated that is the solution of choice for leading edge companies."

More than 3,000 software producers and high-tech manufacturers depend on Flexera Software licensing, entitlement and compliance management solutions to protect, monetize and manage their software products. The capabilities to develop and deploy virtual appliances are now a core component of proven solutions such as FlexNet Embedded and FlexNet Operations.

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