Macrovision Showcases Simplified Application Deployment on Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Macrovision FLEXenabled Applications and Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Enable Enterprises to Quickly and Easily Maximize their Computing Power

SEATTLE, WA (Supercomputing 2005) - Nov 15, 2005 - Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq:MVSN) today announced that it is working with Microsoft to simplify the deployment, and optimize the use of Macrovision FLEXenabled applications on Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003. Macrovision and Microsoft are showcasing this technology at the Supercomputing 2005 conference in Seattle.

As a result of the companies' collaboration, enterprises using the license-aware scheduling capability in Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 will be able to make efficient use of their software licenses when jobs for FLEXenabled applications are run on Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003. Software vendors that use Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher to package and protect ("FLEXenable") their applications can enable their customers to deploy them in the dynamic cluster environment while maintaining the integrity of their business license models.

"With Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher licensing technology, our customers will benefit from flexibility and ease-of-use of applications while our software partners preserve their license models and application security," said Kyril Faenov, director of high performance computing at Microsoft Corp. "With Macrovision FLEXenabled applications, customers can expect straightforward deployment and management of multiple vendor licenses in their cluster environments, resulting in greater productivity."

Enterprises are looking for solutions that are easy to deploy and integrate well within their existing IT infrastructure. Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 removes complexity from high-performance computing deployments, and Macrovision's licensing technology is designed to make it easy for software to be protected by vendors and deployed and managed by enterprise customers. By ensuring that software licenses are produced within clustered environments using Macrovision solutions, software vendors will be able to flexibly price, package and protect their offerings, and enterprises will be able to get the most value from their software investments.

"Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher licensing technology will let us offer our customers smooth installation and management of our software within the Microsoft Windows cluster environment, ensuring that we continue to satisfy our customer demands and help them reap the benefits of high-performance computing," said Steve Levine, senior director, Corporate Development, Accelrys. "We appreciate that Macrovision continues to be on the forefront of licensing capabilities, enabling Accelrys to focus on what we do best: delivering the highest quality software and services for Life and Materials Sciences research and development."

The support of Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher licensing technology for Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 is an important element of the company's Software Value Management (SVM) vision. SVM bridges the gap between pricing and packaging software on the developer side and purchasing and managing that software on the enterprise side. Over 50,000 software publishers and hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies use Macrovision technologies for Software Value Management.

Macrovision Corporation is the market leader in electronic licensing, installation, and digital rights management (DRM) technologies. Over 50,000 software vendors, publishers and virtually all of the Fortune 1000 companies use Macrovision's technologies to maximize the value of their software. Software Value Management solutions bridge the gap between pricing and packaging software on the developer side, and purchasing and managing that software on the enterprise side. Macrovision markets the FlexNet Software Value Management platform which includes FlexNet Publisher, the InstallShield suite of software installation tools, and AdminStudio™ packaging and update solutions, which are deployed on more than 500 million desktops worldwide. Macrovision holds more than 910 software licensing, DRM and content protection patents worldwide. Macrovision is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with offices across the United States and around the world. More information about Macrovision and Software Value Management solutions can be found at

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