Acresso Software Announces License Manager for SAP Business Suite

Acresso to provide an easier way to analyze license usage and optimize SAP investment

Schaumburg, IL - Jul 15, 2008 - Acresso SoftwareTM today announced License Manager for SAP® Business Suite to enable organizations to centrally monitor and analyze their SAP license usage to help ensure accurate licensing and "right-size" the cost based on individual employee usage

License Manager for SAP is a component of Acresso's software license optimization solution portfolio that helps enterprises manage their high-value software investments, including the 8,000 applications using Acresso's proprietary FLEX licensing technology.  The solution helps enterprises proactively self-monitor current license compliance, optimize usage and determine future licensing needs and costs.

SAP Business Suite applications are the backbone of many companies. An enterprise-wide system represents the top one or two technology investments that an organization will make over a 10-year period, and the ongoing maintenance consumes a significant portion of the annual budget.  [SOURCE: Forrester, Effective SAP Pricing and Licensing Negotiation, Sept. 12, 2007] However, many enterprises today inefficiently manage their SAP licenses by using manual processes or merely estimating how the software will be used.  Without precise knowledge of license use, organizations risk duplicate or misclassified users and unused licenses, which may unknowingly increase costs.

AMR Research analyst, Derek Prior adds, "While SAP provides automated tools for auditing the actual usage of its software products, these do not accurately diagnose the real-world usage of end users, which is the largest part of the license. [Acresso] has the answer: an automated software tool that can really help. All SAP customers, large and small, that are unsure about how often their end users actually use their licensed SAP applications should evaluate this software tool." [SOURCE: AMR Research, Accurately Measure Current SAP License Usage, Dec. 1, 2005]. To hear more from Derek Prior on this topic, register for the upcoming webinar

Acresso's License Manager for SAP Business Suite, powered by HONICO's AccountMan® Dynamic License Control®, provides companies on-going knowledge of exactly who is using SAP and to what extent in order to:

  • Identify and reuse idle and duplicate licenses
  • Reclassify user license types based on the user's behavior in order to take advantage of lower-cost license categories like Limited Professional, Employee and Employee Self Service users
  • Ensure compliance by proactively preparing for additional purchases as thresholds are met
  • Provide management summary reports to gain a stronger position in contract negotiations and prevent costly surprises during an SAP true-up
  • More accurately charge back the cost of the software to business units based on their use
  • Automate the collection of SAP license usage from multiple SAP implementations

Acresso's License Manager is SAP certified ensuring that this technology will not interfere with or diminish SAP's operations.

"License Manager is the only tool on the market that enables enterprises to centrally monitor and diagnose the real-world usage by end users," said Roger Bottum, senior vice president of marketing, Acresso Software.  "By leveraging this solution and Acresso's licensing experts, companies like Ciba and METRO Group ensure they are purchasing the most cost-effective licensing based on actual facts and have, on average, reduced their license requirements by 30%."

The product is currently available and additional information is located at:

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