Flexera has a variety of resources available to assist you in learning our products and troubleshoot issues.


Knowledge Base – Our online Knowledge Base provides technical articles on error numbers, bugs, how-tos, and more.

HelpNet – All product documentation is available online through HelpNet. With HelpNet, you don't have to wait until the next product release to get documentation updates.

Communities – There is always someone willing to help you out in the Flexera communities. Post questions, get answers.

Consumer Central – We know you've got customers, too. Consumer Central is a resource for your customers to get answers for their run-time installation issues.

Webinars– Need a product tour? Like an introduction to our newest product features? Then, check out our latest webinars.

Customer Community – Our support site keeps you up-to-date with the latest support-related product information.

XML Feeds – Flexera offers the RSS feed with headlines and descriptions and links to the full article.


Learning Center – Find short how-to demo videos as well as complete self-guided learning paths to enable you to be successful.

Instructor-Led – Flexera provides numerous instructor-led courses. Find the course that's right for you.

Training Manuals – Need comprehensive publications and training materials? Check our training publications.

Third-Party Sites

MSDN – Microsoft has provided a wealth of information for developers on their Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site. In particular, check out the Windows Installer documentation.

InstallSite – Run by Stefan Krueger, " is a collection of tips, technical articles, sample code, tools, discussion forums, and the like for developers creating setups with Microsoft's Windows Installer (MSI) technology or InstallShield products." – Run by deployment expert Bob Kelly, is an independent resource on desktop management.

Sun's Java Technology – A Java reference for developers from Sun.

HP's Patch Information – HP patches required for Java

Linux Forum – A community for Linux users.

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