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Image: PSI 2.0 is end-of-life, upgrade to the latest version!


We love the passion and loyalty of those that have used Personal Software Inspector (PSI) 2.0 over the years!  But the time for PSI 2.0 – and earlier versions – to shut down has arrived. Please make sure you update to PSI 3 now to keep protecting your PC!

PSI continues to be the preferred free tool for PC users to maintain their applications with security updates that protect them from exploitation by hackers. We remain committed to maintain and develop this tool which has been downloaded by more the 8 million users globally.

PSI users must download the latest version of the tool by the end of March 2017 in order to continue receiving automatic security patches for their applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is PSI 2.0 reaching end-of-life?

31 March 2017

What will happen after that day?

PSI 2.0 will no longer provide security patches for your PC and will not scan for new vulnerabilities.

How do I continue to have my machines protected with the latest security patches?

For feedback and other information about the tool, please visit the PSI Community Forum

Learn more about PSI here.