Vulnerability Review 2018 is now available!

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Flexera releases today Vulnerability Review 2018 – Global Trends, with data on vulnerabilities from an information security perspective. The data is the result of the continuous analysis of vulnerabilities by Secunia Research at Flexera.

The report shows an increase in the total number of vulnerabilities and the availability of patches, while the number of zero-days – those exploited prior to public disclosure – dropped by 40 percent. The results indicate that there is a good opportunity for IT teams to effectively reduce the risk of exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities.

“Organizations need to take advantage of this knowledge to remediate most vulnerabilities before risk of exploitation increases,” comments Kasper Lindgaard, Director of Research and Security at Flexera. “But the process cannot be adhoc.  Without a consistently applied patching methodology, organizations will slip, leaving vulnerabilities unpatched for long periods.  This gives criminals a large window of opportunity to execute their attacks.  We advise a formal, automated software vulnerability management process that leverages intelligence to identify risks, prioritize their importance and resolve threats.”

All findings of the report are available for download and Kasper Lindgaard will be discussing the results on a webinar on April 12.

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