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Image: Congratulations to Astute Licensing for the ITAM Innovation Award!

We are happy to report that last week, Astute Licensing won the “Innovation of the Year Award” at the 2017 ITAM Review Excellence Awards Gala!

Their offering, AstuteLDM, is a unique enterprise-focused License Demand Management technology that integrates directly with FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises and App Portal from Flexera. AstuteLDM leverages the powerful data in these Flexera solutions to allocate spare licenses directly to user requests, call out current validated license position counts, predict future noncompliance risks before they happen, and much, much more.

Martin Thompson, owner and founder of The ITAM Review, said in his blog that AstuteLDM is a “new innovative offering [that] is a natural extension to SAM tools and App Portals. It does for Datacentre SAM what App stores and good SAM tools do for desktop.”

The AstuteLDM technology, connected with Flexera SAM solutions, aims to stop expensive audits and license compliance risks in the Server and Cloud estate, while reducing software spend. It achieves this by empowering teams to control and validate all software demand before and during its entry into the estate, thus stopping risk. And AstuteLDM leverages future demand to produce consolidated reports to empower better deals, predict non-compliance, identify optimization opportunities and ultimately help to save up to 10 percent on capital spend each year.

Upon receiving the award, Chris Morgan, Director of Astute Licensing said:

“It’s a great honour to be recognised by the best and brightest of our industry for our innovation with AstuteLDM. Our goal of ending audit risks permanently, predicting and reducing future software spend is a huge goal, so to have that vision validated by our peers is amazing. Flexera has supported us through our whole journey so far in bringing our innovation to market. Without support from some key Flexera people, we would not be here today. This is testimony to the relationship we have. By combining FlexNet Manager Suite from Flexera with AstuteLDM, users can truly control the whole software lifecycle, end risk permanently, and reduce future capital spend.” 

We are proud to have Astute Licensing as a partner, and we want to congratulate them on their impressive Innovation of the Year Award.

Great job Chris Morgan!