Are You Going to the Design Automation Conference?

The Design Automation Conference, or DAC, is an annual event, and it is a combination of a technical conference and a trade show. First held in 1964, DAC is the premier conference devoted to electronic design automation (EDA), embedded systems and software (ESS), and electronic design intellectual property (IP).

Flexera is proud to be a sponsor of DAC 2017, held in Austin on June 18-22. We have supported the users and producers of engineering software for many years, so sponsoring this event was a natural fit.

Engineering, technical and industrial applications – including Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Exploration & Production (E&P) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – are expensive and are used by highly skilled and highly paid engineering and design professionals.

These applications – used by manufacturing, engineering, energy, and technology companies – typically use concurrent licensing methods in which a fixed number of licenses for a software application are shared among a larger number of users. As many of the companies that use engineering application are large global firms, the highest efficiency is obtained when the concurrent license usage is centrally managed.

Organizations that do not centrally manage concurrent license usage often face a series of expensive problems. They routinely overspend and buy licenses they do not need, or under spend and deny end users access to critical software. When a user is denied access due to the lack of an available license, their loss of productivity can be costly to the company and their projects.

These organizations often require a number of administrators to manage concurrent license servers. Too often, other tools and methods provide reports that are isolated by license server or vendor. They lack an overall view across the enterprise, offer little insight into software usage trends, and do not link usage to contracts, organizational structure or costs. In order to make decisions, organizations are left with countless time-consuming, manual steps.

Flexera is a leader in concurrent license management with our FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications product. This solution helps improve engineering and design professionals’ productivity, optimizes software spend, accurately forecasts usage, and helps organizations negotiate vendor contracts.

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications tracks license usage, simplifies and centralizes license server administration for thousands of FlexEnabled (FlexNet Publisher, FlexLM) and other concurrently licensed applications including AutoCAD®, MATLAB®, IBM® Rational®, CATIA®, and Petrel, to automatically report on software usage and license denials, and  maximize utilization of assets.

Here is what you can do with FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications:

  • Centrally monitor and report on concurrent license usage, including peak usage, to help determine the optimal number of concurrent licenses required by your teams
  • Identify under-utilized licenses and provide insight to remix the license agreement or reallocate licenses to other locations or projects
  • Provide Financial Transparency for Chargeback/Showback
  • Efficiently perform license server administration (start, stop, restart license servers, etc.) in real time
  • Minimize downtime and ensure that global teams have the licenses they need, when they need them
  • Optimize the number of concurrent licenses to maintain an acceptable level of denials
  • Analyze software usage and denial trends in relation to license terms, costs and organizational parameters, such as geographies, cost centers, projects, and users
  • Consolidate reporting for multiple license servers

If you are going to DAC 2017 in Austin, be sure to stop by Flexera booth 2131. You can speak with one of our solution experts, see a demo of FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications, and enter a contest to win an Amazon Echo. And don’t forget to take home some cool Flexera swag!