What Do You Need To Create a Competitive Digital Business?

Digital Business and ITAM Intelligence
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The days of technology being something that only IT worries about are long over. So why do so many businesses struggle to launch the transformative new capabilities that they need in order to win in today’s hyper-competitive markets? Gartner analyst Roger Williams warns, “By 2022, 30% of digital business initiatives will have failed due to inadequate ITAM capabilities.”

Staying relevant and thriving as a business today takes two key ingredients: the first one is having a vision for fast, customer-centric innovation, and the second is the ability to make that vision a reality.  So what do you need?  IT can’t roll out the needed digital business initiatives alone, but it can broker the right conversations across business stakeholders.  It also needs to provide the tech intelligence and insights that can be shared so that decisions can me made together.

For example, the Enterprise Architecture function in IT needs to make lifecycle decisions about deployed technology, rationalize applications and chart the course for rolling out new technology.  It’s more important than ever that those decisions are guided by a cross-functional digital business strategy that helps create an amazing end-customer experience.  It’s also critical to have the most accurate ITAM intelligence so that you can analyze and share the information that’s needed for decision making.

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