Introducing the Flexera Ecosystem

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There has been a lot of buzz lately around the Flexera Ecosystem. We wanted to find out more about this and talked to Tom Canning, Vice President of Strategy for Flexera.

What is the Flexera Ecosystem?
TC: Flexera is opening up our platform to partners, developers and customer who want to integrate and expand the value with existing Flexera products. We are adding partner solutions that integrate natively with Flexera products.

Why is this important to Flexera?
TC: Flexera has been working to reimagine the software supply chain. Customers have varying business needs that no one solution can address. We know we can’t do this alone. We need partners that have complementary solutions to add business value to address the business needs.

What is the Flexera Solution Exchange?
TC: Flexera Solution Exchange is the market place to find applications that are complementary to Flexera solutions. The solutions published to the Solution Exchange are products developed by partners in the Technology Alliance Partner program. These have been vetted to ensure they integrate with Flexera solutions following the guidelines laid out by Flexera.

I’m a Flexera customer. How can I access the Solution Exchange ?
The “Find a Partner” web page allows you to browse the Solution Exchange.

What can you tell us about the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program?
TC: This program is available to any partner that wants to integrate their products with Flexera products. Flexera provides the software development kits (SDKs) and technical assistance to integrate with Flexera products. When customers buy Flexera products and partner products, they get access to the integrations out of the box and will reduce the time to value.

Who are the TAP program partners?
TC: We have eight partners in our TAP program today. They are:

Partner NameIntegrated Solution Offering
AirTrack Software

Airtrack Software:  Data quality analysis for inventory.





Anglepoint:  The Anglepoint FlexNet Manager Suite Autodesk Script extends the capabilities of the FlexNet Manager Suite agent to collect additional Autodesk data necessary for accurate measurement.
Astute Licensing

Astute Licensing:  Demand management for data center software. It integrates with AppPortal or FlexNet Manager Suite.



Binadox delivers insights into SaaS subscriptions within organizations, to help discover, manage, and optimize licenses. They also provide a repository of software license agreements.



Infraware:  Effective management of Software Asset Management program.



Ray Allen:  Hardware asset management for network devices with specialization on Cisco. Provides software license management for hardware devices.


Tribal KnowledgeTribal Knowledge:  Specialized license management advice and services for FlexNet Manager Suite. Mobile app for instant license management assistance.
UnifyCloudUnifyCloud:  Cloud migration assessments, migration and spend management for Microsoft® Azure®.

Why should I care about Flexera’s ecosystem and TAP program?
TC: Customers have multiple challenges in procurement, deployment, management and security of software in the enterprise. With Flexera’s ecosystem and solutions from partners in the TAP program, you will be able to get the broadest value available in the market.

Where can I learn more about the Ecosystem and partner programs?
TC: Learn about our partner programs on the Explore Flexera’s Partner Programs web page.
If you are interested in becoming a partner, please fill out the form on the Become a Partner web page.

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