A Wealth of Software Asset Management Knowledge is at Your Fingertips

One of my favorite learning resources is none other than something I am sure you have seen…YouTube. It’s hard to believe that YouTube only started in 2005. Today, about 1.3 billion people use YouTube, with 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.

Regardless of the subject, you can find education and thought leadership videos from industry experts. Granted, there is a lot of fluff videos, including celebrity gossip, cute cat antics, and people attempting to do dangerous stunts in the hope of becoming famous. But if you want to learn something or gain insight on a topic, YouTube is a terrific resource.

For many years, Flexera has actively shared software knowledge and licensing expertise in our YouTube Channel. Our content includes case studies, insights from industry analysts, market trends, product demos, and technical information.

Here are some examples of the software asset management videos you can find on the Flexera YouTube channel from a few of our subject matter experts:

Nicolas Rousseau – Principal Strategy Consultant
SAM: The Best Technology is Necessary, but Best Practices Make it Successful – Part 1
Understand the Benefits but Also the Risks of Enterprise Agreements – Part 1

Greg Holmes – Director, Presales
The Business Challenges of Licensing Software in the Datacenter – Part 1

Cyndi Tackett – Vice President, Presales
Best Practices in Software License Optimization
Leveraging Integration between Software License Optimization and IT Service Management (ITSM)

Brent Pietrzak – Vice President, Producer Solutions and Strategy
Software License Optimization Becoming Strategic Business Function Tied to Finance

Richard Northing – Senior Vice President, Customer Success
Addressing the Broken Software Supply Chain – Improving Software License Compliance Management

The Flexera YouTube Channel has over 600 product, education, and thought leadership videos where you can learn how Flexera is reimagining how software is bought, sold, managed and secured. Be sure to subscribe today!