Hundreds of products to hit EOL/EOS by the end of 2018

Do you know if any of your software has a planned End-of-Life (EOL) or End-Of-Support (EOS) during the remainder of 2018? Are you certain you know about ALL upcoming EOL or EOS plans related to your software products and services?

It’s true that many software vendors don’t have a standard EOL communication plan. And when it comes to product support, especially end of support, the policies are often complicated and confusing. Yet in today’s IT climate, you can’t afford to remain in the dark about upcoming EOL or EOS situations. The consequences of continuing to run obsolete software are too great to ignore, including:

  • Security vulnerabilities resulting from unsupported/unpatched software
  • Inadequate product support
  • Compliance issues resulting in surprise fees and true-up costs
  • Reduced performance and productivity
  • Disruption of critical processes

The Good News
There is a way to learn more about the products planned for EOL and/or EOS in 2018. Flexera analyzed the data about product manufacturers’ 2018 EOL and EOS plans using Technopedia®, the industry’s most trusted, comprehensive technology asset information data warehouse. The highlights are included in our Technopedia Manufacturer Product EOL/EOS 2018 Report that you can download for free.

The report provides a snapshot of the state of the software technology landscape, and a survey of manufacturer’s plans to EOL/EOS any of their products throughout 2018. You’ll learn which manufacturers are planning the most disruption in the coming months, and what category of products will be most affected. The report also includes sample EOL/EOS information on some specific products to show you the level of detail you can get by running your own custom reports against your software asset library using the Flexera Technopedia data warehouse.

Information you can use to make better business decisions
Technopedia contains more than 2.1 million products and 150+ million data points of up-to-date product information. Plus, more than 2,500 updates to the data are made every day. Matched against your custom software asset library, Technopedia will provide you with actionable data to help you guide your business forward.

Get the report now to learn more about how to get a handle on your technology assets and the EOL/EOS dates of products in your IT ecosystem.