The Surprising Connection Between ITAM, EA and Cybersecurity

best practices to reduce it risk
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Planning is the key to anything – making strategic moves, especially when it comes to enterprise ecosystems. What may not be noticed is how integrated, how reliant the ecosystem components really are: how IT asset management (ITAM), enterprise architecture projects such as Windows 10 Migration, and cybersecurity all influence each other. Things such as hardware end-of-life (EOL), software EOL, connected devices’ EOL – product lifecycle elements – are affected by all these areas and can potentially expose enterprises to vulnerabilities.

In case you missed BDNA’s recent cybersecurity Intelligence webinar, “Cybersecurity Intelligence Best Practices to Reduce Risk & Vulnerability in IT,” covering best practices on reducing IT risk and vulnerability, you’re in luck.  The webinar and PowerPoint slides are now available for on-demand viewing.

Watch the webinar now to hear Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research, and John Pusey, Solutions Architect at BDNA, discuss how to ensure enterprise security by managing rogue assets such as obsolete, unsupported, unauthorized, or worst-case scenario – a combination of all three.  Proactive planning can combat the onslaught of potential damaging mishaps.

Cybersecurity intelligence webinar takeaways include:

  • Identifying cyber risks with IT assets
  • Leveraging cyber risk to prioritize upgrades or replacements
  • Utilizing IT asset management for cybersecurity

Don’t wait to make your next move. Watch the webinar. Learn how cybersecurity intelligence can help better manage your ecosystem today.