RightScale + Ubuntu + Eucalyptus = Cloud in a Box

Want a cloud in a box? Then start requisitioning a couple of machines now so you’re ready on Thursday to load up Ubuntu 9.04, install Eucalyptus, and follow the prompt to register your cloud with RightScale. And best of all, it’s all free – free open source software and access to a free RightScale service account.

We’re finally getting close to the release of Ubuntu 9.04, which includes the technology preview for the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud powered by Eucalyptus. We’ve been working closely with both Canonical and the Eucalyptus team to ensure that all the cloud pieces work together as seamlessly as possible.

To make it easy for you to set up your private cloud, we integrated the RightScale registration into the Eucalyptus installation. This means that as you plod along installing and configuring your Eucalyptus cloud controller, you’ll have the option to register your new cloud with RightScale by simply following a link on the configuration web page. It could hardly be any simpler.

What we’re supporting at the Ubuntu 9.04 release is to register your Eucalyptus cloud with RightScale and access it within your RightScale free or paid account right alongside Amazon EC2. You can invite friends to access your cloud so they can launch their own cloud servers on your cloud! We will also provide a RightImage that you can download to your cloud so you have a clean and small machine image to work with. Unfortunately, we won’t have support for ServerTemplates and automation available at the initial release. We still have a number of things to hook up on our end to make that happen, but we’ll release it as soon as it’s ready. At that point, you’ll be able to operate in your own cloud just as you do on EC2.

But we’re by no means forgetting about Amazon EC2! We’ve been working with Canonical to ensure that the official Ubuntu 9.04 Amazon Machine Images (AMI) work out of the box with RightScale. This means that if you launch one of the 9.04 AMIs from the RightScale dashboard then all the RightScale goodness will work: ServerTemplates, monitoring, automation, etc. If you launch the same AMI using the API or from a different console, then they’ll work as if RightScale didn’t exist. The inclusion of the RightScale startup script in the Ubuntu AMI means that we’ll be able to continue ramping up our Ubuntu support and we won’t have to create a 9.04 image ourselves. In the future, as we roll out new versions of our configuration management and automation, we’ll probably release new Ubuntu RightImages ourselves, but we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes. In the meantime, enjoy Ubuntu 9.04 and RightScale seamlessly on Amazon EC2!