RightScale ServerTemplate Showdown

Package your favorite software as a ServerTemplate or simply contribute your best ServerTemplate to the cloud community to demonstrate your expertise and win an iPad! Having recently introduced publishing to our full user base we’re now having a contest to recognize the most valuable ServerTemplates published into the RightScale Library. We will pick a Most Innovative, Most Useful, and Most Popular ServerTemplate. The three winning authors will be awarded an iPad each at the upcoming RightScale User Conference November 3 in Santa Clara and their ServerTemplates will be featured in the RightScale Library. Though we’d love to see you at our user conference, you don’t need to be present to win.

ServerTemplates are reusable components for configuring a complete server running a particular software stack in the cloud. It only takes a few minutes to put together the best practices that you’ve been developing for running your favorite software and development environments and publish them for the community to leverage. You’ll get feedback and perhaps improvements in return. We’ll evaluate all published ServerTemplates based on their originality and relevance to the RightScale community to choose the three winners for the ServerTemplate Showdown. Submissions are always welcome from RightScale users, systems integrators, and from software vendors distributing preconfigured application stacks for deployment to the cloud, but to level the playing field, ServerTemplates submitted by software vendors are not being considered for the contest. The final submission date for this contest is 11:59pm PDT Friday, October 29.

To publish a ServerTemplate, just click on the Publish to Library button from a committed version of the ServerTemplate in the Dashboard. You’ll have the opportunity to enter a short and long description with hyperlinks. The short description should summarize what the ServerTemplate contains and the value / functionality it delivers. The long description should contain additional detail as well as any documentation on how to configure and deploy the ServerTemplate. You can also include recommended steps to showcase the server’s functionality and benefits. Keep in mind that you can easily link to other web pages in the descriptions if needed. ServerTemplates with intuitive input labels and clear documentation save everyone time and effort. A guided walk-through of the publishing process is available on the RightScale Support Site.

We’ve also created a new Community ServerTemplate Publishing forum where you can go with questions, requests, or discussions related to ServerTemplate creation and publishing. If you would like to see a ServerTemplate and have yet to build it, place a post here to see if someone else has done it or may be able to help.