RightScale Product Updates: Support for AWS R4 and Expanded T2 Instance Types, Increased SSD Disk Allotment for Google Cloud Instances, Enhanced Monitoring Graphs and More

Our December product updates include support for AWS R4 and expanded T2 instance types, increased SSD disk allotment for Google Cloud instances, improved monitoring graphs, and more. Happy Holidays from all of us at RightScale!

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Support for AWS R4 and expanded T2 instance types: You can now manage the new AWS R4 and expanded T2 instance types in RightScale. Learn more about these instance types on the AWS Blog.
  • More SSD disks can be attached to a new Google Cloud Platform instance: We increased the amount of SSD disks that you can attach to a new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instance to 8 to match the current capabilities of GCP.
  • Instance tag synchronization: When you create tags in Azure Resource Manager, the new Instance Tag Synchronization feature automatically imports the tags into Cloud Management to save you time. For more information, read the documentation for Azure Resource Manager.

Cloud Management

  • Improved monitoring graphs: We have released enhancements to the monitoring graphs as a Beta feature for our customers who are participating in our Labs program. The new-and-improved monitoring graphs give you the ability to drag to zoom and drag to pan as well as hover over any point in time to see more detail displayed in the upper-right of the graph. If you are interested in checking out the enhanced monitoring graphs and providing feedback to us, please contact your Account Manager.

New Cloud Resources 

  • AWS re:Invent 2016 Recap: What Happened, What It Means: Whether or not you attended AWS re:Invent 2016, get the details behind the hype and headlines in this on-demand webinar where we go deep on new AWS features and pricing.
  • AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud Pricing: Compute Instances: It can be difficult to make apples-to-apples comparisons on cloud pricing because cloud providers offer different pricing and discounting options and frequent price cuts. We break it down for you in our latest blog post to show you which providers have the lowest-cost options for compute instances and under which circumstances.
  • RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report: In our fifth annual survey of IT professionals, the findings show that hybrid cloud adoption has become commonplace. For more on current cloud trends and data to drive your cloud strategy, download the report.