RightScale Product Updates: Support for AWS P2 Instances in Cloud Analytics Plus New AWS Ohio and Seoul Regions, Azure Storage Account Tag Syncing, and More

The latest RightScale product updates include the ability for you to manage and optimize your cloud costs on the new AWS P2 instances with Cloud Analytics as well manage deployments in the new AWS regions in Ohio and Seoul. Additionally, we added Azure storage account tag syncing between RightScale and Azure.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Support for AWS Ohio (us-east-2) and Seoul (ap-northeast-2) regions: Now you have the option to manage and optimize deployments in the new Midwest and Asia regions.
  • Azure Storage Account Tags now sync between RightScale (Placement Groups) and Azure Resource Manager: Use the tag predicate “azure” in RightScale to create a tag that syncs to the cloud, allowing you to manage cloud tags through the RightScale API, UI, and CAT files. Support for tag sync for additional Azure resources is coming soon.

Cloud Management

  • Set static IPs at boot via userdata on VMware vSphere: We have enabled the ability for you to set a static IP address on VMs.


  • API performance improvements: When you make an API call to the RightScale platform from Cloud Workflow, you’ll now see custom scheduled actions in Next Action in addition to the existing lifecycle actions.

Cloud Analytics

  • Support for AWS P2 instance types: Now you can forecast and optimize costs for AWS P2 instance types in Cloud Analytics.

New Cloud Resources