RightScale Product Updates: New RightScale Features: Support for Azure Premium Storage, ARM volumes in Self-Service, and ServiceNow Helsinki

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Volumes in Self-Service: You can now incorporate ARM volumes in your application definitions in Cloud Applications Templates (CATs) using the ‘volume’ declaration type.
  • Support for Azure Premium Storage accounts: You can now manage Azure Premium Storage accounts via the Cloud Management UI and API as well as included in CAT files in Self-Service. Read more about using Azure Storage Accounts here.
  • Launch from private images in Azure Premium Storage: You can now launch servers in RightScale using custom images that are stored on the high-performance disks in Azure Premium Storage accounts.

Cloud Management

  • Expandable Deployment descriptions:  You can now leverage Deployment descriptions more effectively seeing relevant content right where it can be used while ensuring that important Server information isn’t below the fold.

ServiceNow Integration

  • Support for ServiceNow Helsinki: A new release of the RightScale integration for ServiceNow includes support for ServiceNow Helsinki. For more information or to download the application, refer to the documentation.

New Cloud Resources