RightScale Product Updates: Meet RightScale at AWS re:Invent, Support for Image Families on Google Cloud Platform, Optima Billing Center Enhancements and More

AWS re:Invent 2017: Learn How to Optimize Your AWS Costs

The RightScale team will be at AWS re:Invent from November 27– December 1 and we’d like to help you optimize your AWS costs for significant savings. To find out how you can reduce your cloud bill by as much as 45 percent right now, contact your account manager or request a 1:1 meeting with RightScale at AWS re:Invent.

RightScale product updates for November include enhancements to Optima Billing Centers with more granular user permissions and the addition of AWS account names and IDs, support for image families on Google Cloud Platform, and more.


  • Cloud Analytics is now RightScale Optima: Following the launch of RightScale Optima for cloud cost management earlier this year, we have incorporated Cloud Analytics functionality into Optima and retired the Cloud Analytics name in the dashboard and in documentation.
  • Granular permission on individual Billing Centers: Optima now supports granular permission on individual billing centers to further enhance collaboration for chargeback and showback within your organization. You can restrict user access to specific Billing Centers by granting them the billing_center_viewer role on those Billing Centers explicitly.

  • AWS account names and IDs in Optima: You will now see AWS account names in addition to the account IDs to make it easy to identify and manage your accounts. In order to see your AWS account names, you must add an additional IAM stanza to the IAM policy for RightScale on your AWS parent account. See the complete IAM policy details. 
  • Enhanced visibility into users’ access to Billing Centers: Users with the enterprise_manager role can use Governance to easily navigate to and see the list of Billing Centers that a user has access to.

Cloud Management Platform

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Support for specifying service accounts for instances/servers on Google Compute Engine: From the Cloud Management Platform dashboard, API 1.5, and Self-Service Cloud Application Template (CAT) files, you can use service accounts in Google Compute Engine to allow your virtual machine to make scoped calls to other services in your project. You can find the new option in the instance and server launch windows and the cloud_specific_attributes hash in API 1.5 (and CAT files).
  • Support for image families on Google Cloud Platform: You can now have a Multi-Cloud Image point to the latest of a given image family on Google Cloud Platform instead of a specific version. Use the latest images to avoid having the versioned image deprecated while running on your instances.

RightScale Plugins

Plugins are open source assets that extend the management capabilities of the RightScale Cloud Management Platform and are managed in GitHub by the RightScale Professional Services team. The newest plugin is for Fastly Public IP Address List. You can see all pull requests on the Plugin Changelog.

RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere

The latest updates for RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere (RCA-V) Adapter v3.0 are:

  • Rotated wstunnel logs
  • Increased RCA-V appliance memory to 2G.
  • To get version vscale_3.0_20170814_17 or vscale-admin_3.0_20170921_19, see updating the RCA-V appliance and more information about RCA-V 3.0.

New Cloud Resources